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Winter is Here

Winter is coming!! Winter is coming!!

The story begins in the cozy town of Christmas Landing. The citizens are looking for a new king to take the candy cane throne! Their candidates – Rudolph and his reindeer crew, the big man in red, Santa Claus, the magical snowman himself, Frosty, and last but not least, the meanest of them all, the Grinch. Each candidate performed a spectacular song and dance number, all the while ignoring the gingerbread twins’ warning of the oncoming danger of the snowflakes!!

After the performances, the votes were tallied and the ruler of Christmas Landing was decided… the Grinch took the throne!! But it wasn’t long before the cold icy winds picked up and white snowflakes fell from above. The Snowflakes led by the Ice Queen, froze everything in their path! Christmas Landing was covered in snow. The Grinch had no choice but to relinquish the throne.

What was to become of Christmas Landing?

Have no fear, the Gingerbread Twins rallied the troops. Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph joined forces to stand up to the Ice Queen and her snowflakes with the real meaning of Christmas, LOVE. In an epic battle, the snowflakes were defeated and Christmas Landing was saved!!!!

This performance had the audience laughing and surprised by many special guests appearances. The creativity and vision of Ms. Emily Machnicki, Ms. Eileen Brecha, and Mr. Matthew Hong challenged their students to bring their best, with phenomenal results. Their students not only collaborated to create dances and songs but they exhibited AIS’s key mindset of confidence. Not only did students work together; the teachers, Ms. Sweeney, and PTA also joined forces to support the assembly. The AIS community is very proud of the hard work and dedication of our Grade 4 team and would like to congratulate them once again on a spectacular show!