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AIS Winter Fair Guitar Performance 2021

VPA Winter Showcase 2021

Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts Winter Showcase 2021! I am proud to present yet another distinguished body of student work for you to enjoy at your leisure, and encourage you to delve into the wonderful performances and artwork that we have on display. From skillfully crafted Winter Fair performance music videos, through compelling artwork submissions, to entertaining festive pantomimes, there’s something here for all to enjoy. May I finally take this opportunity to thank our talented student body and dedicated faculty of teachers for bringing this showcase to you. The work here really is of exceptional quality and bears testament to the ever-flourishing arts present within our school community. Congratulations to you all on a fantastic achievement as we wrap up 2021, and here’s to an equally creative 2022!
Robert Kilvington-Shaw
Visual & Performing Arts Head of Department

Winter Fair Musical Performances

A significant proportion of this years’ VPA performances come from our first Winter Fair in two years. It has been a delight to see this wonderful event return to the academic calendar and we are grateful to all who tuned in to the live-streamed event. If you were unable to attend – or simply want to relive the moment again – we’re proud to bring to you the entire body of musical performances once more for your viewing pleasure. 

Bringing these performances to you has only been possible through a reimagining of our practice. Unable to perform to our community in a live setting, we had to find a new way of capturing the wonderful music-making present within our school. The solution was to create a series of music videos utilising the very same approach taken in the music industry. This involved multi-track sound recordings of student performances in classrooms ahead of time, to ensure the very best in audio quality. We then conducted an immense two-day filming schedule on campus, often filming whole grade levels at a time! The results presented here expertly combine the audio and film, thanks to the post-production skills of our school faculty. 

We hope you’ll agree that the final products are simply outstanding and should be a source of pride for all who were involved, both in the present and to look back on with fondness and cherished memories in the future. Thank you again for celebrating with us. 

Winter Fair Promotional Artwork

We are lucky to have such a talented body of visual artists here at AIS, right across the three divisions of the school. When called upon to contribute designs for our Winter Fair posters and raffle tickets, our visual art teachers were inundated with entries. After a difficult selection process the select body of work present here was chosen to represent our December 2021 event. We are thrilled with the outcomes and are pleased to be able to display them once more as part of this student-centred creative showcase.

Congratulations to Sneha BORAR (G11), Maryse CHAN (G9), Anna LEUNG (G8), Shriyanjana DUTTA (G7), Leighton CHU (G4), Yunwoo JUNG (G4), Flora ZHANG (G4), and Elbe LAM (G2) for the beautiful artwork! They worked so wonderfully for our posters and raffle tickets. Well done!

2021 Winter Fair Poster High School
2021 Winter Fair Poster Middle School

High School Drama Winter Pantos

It would not be Christmas without a good old-fashioned pantomime! Thanks to our High School Drama students, we have not one but four to watch and enjoy! These students have had so much fun interpreting these classical pantos in new ways, delving into what makes each character tick, all the while learning about this classic theatrical art form. If you’re looking for this winter-time’s pantomime hit, you’ve come to the right place! Click on the panto posters to watch!