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VPA HS Summer Showcase 2021

Despite the impact of the global pandemic on live performance and exhibition, the High School arts program has continued to thrive at AIS this semester. Not being able to undertake the usual band program, Music students have taken advantage of various alternative pathways, encompassing choir, percussion ensembles, and creative production leveraging music technology as an instrument. Through these endeavours they’ve shown adaptability and resilience, two essential attributes of any modern-day artist working in these unprecedented times. Drama students also shifted to a new way of working for large parts of the semester. By once more employing technology as a means to realising their performance intentions, the students mastered the use of the green screen and became competent film editors and virtual collaborators. Students in Visual Art have succeeded across the three tiers of foundation, intermediate, and advanced placement, to produce work that is both thought-provoking in content and visually striking in execution. The advanced placement submissions in particular embody a level of individual expression and intent worthy of any aspiring student, who wishes to communicate and connect with an audience through their artistry. Congratulations to all the students exhibited for producing yet another body of sophisticated and enthralling work!
Robert Kilvington-Shaw
Visual & Performing Arts Head of Department

High School Art

Over the past year, our Foundation Art and Intermediate Art students have been working tirelessly in the art room. On this Padlet you will view a range of works from this academic year that demonstrate different techniques, themes and styles they have explored. Despite the challenges they have faced they have overcome them with ease to produce refined and thoughtful artworks. I hope that you enjoy viewing their art and please share the love by liking their work. 

Art Foundation

Art Intermediate

This year’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Class presents ‘Dry Toast’- a collection of their personal portfolios driven by their own chosen theme. Despite the challenge of a pandemic and changing school schedules this class managed to create a creative as well as caring community within the classroom. This dynamic group of artists’ work speaks for itself utilising a range of techniques, styles and personal perspectives to create thoughtful work. Please scan the QR contained in the PDF brochure to view their personal portfolios. 

High School Music

Band and Choir students were not able to perform live but had a great time putting together performance videos to show what they accomplished throughout the year. Online learning contributed to a great loss of ensemble music making experiences. These talented students worked extremely hard since our return to campus to put together these end of year performances for Band and Choir.

After a year of learning about the elements of music, music software, music composition and much more, the music technology students chose their own path for their final projects. Some students chose to create cell phone ringtones, sound effects pieces and their own choice compositions using loops and original music while others chose to compose and perform original works and the works of others. 

High School Drama

AIS High School Drama students were given the unique opportunity of performing full length productions in a way few drama students have done before, at home! To meet this challenge, the students read through scripts specially designed to be performed in virtual settings, learned how to use green screens, and became film editors over the course of this production. They are very proud of their final products and are excited to be able to share their performance with you! 

All high school drama students participated in the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest put on by Bow Seat. The theme for this year’s competition is WATER RISING and it focuses on the connections students have to water and challenges them to put forth a call to action that invites their viewers to help protect this precious resource. 

The Second Annual AIS Film Festival

WATER RISING — Short Films