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VPA ES Summer Showcase 2021

Art and Music have once again played a significant role in cultivating our Elementary student’s creativity this semester. In Music, students have explored a range of applications for percussion in a variety of styles, all underpinned by the powerful universal of singing. Lyrical content of songs has been explored using sign language, to further enhance the conveyance of message and meaning. There’s also some compelling instrumental performance on display, including whole-class ukulele work and some captivating solo performances too! Our keen artists have been hard at work in Visual Art as well, exploring a variety of artistic processes including printmaking, painting, drawing, mixed media, poster design, as well as some brilliant submissions for the Elementary School Yearbook Art Competition. It’s truly heartwarming to see such a breadth of talent and creativity thriving in our young learners, and I congratulate every student on their success as an artist in their own right!
Robert Kilvington-Shaw
Visual & Performing Arts Head of Department

Elementary School Art

Our wonderful elementary artists have contributed Art work throughout the year; during online school, for the yearbook Art competition and especially for this end of year showcase. Our super students have been creative and flexible during the course of the year, they created Art in their home space and in different classrooms around school and have shown great resilience! 

Our Grade 1 students explored the wonderful and colourful work of Eric Carle. We learnt about how Carle uses layers of mixed media papers to arrange the forms of animals, creatures and other characters. Students chose a particular animal or creature and followed Eric Carle’s technique to create their own composition.

Students in G4 took an opportunity to visit different parts of the world by creating stunning travel posters. We looked at how a travel poster is used to inspire a person to travel to a particular destination or to provide an audience with a sense of place. Students selected a destination of interest to them, whether real or fictional, then created a travel poster featuring an iconic landmark or landform.

For the AIS Yearbook Art competition, many students shared a fantastic range of Art work; themes included natural form, food, travel, AIS and friendship.

A huge thank you to our elementary students who turned in an exciting and varied collection of Art work for our end of year showcase. Please take a few minutes to enjoy watching the range of Art work including drawing, painting, collage and origami! 

Elementary School Music

In Early Childhood and Elementary School music, students continued to learn how to sing, listen, describe, dance, play instruments, explore movement, and create music in different ways. There was growth in musical skills, understanding, enjoyment and meaningful perceptions drawn from music itself and enhanced by their own life experiences.