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Trick or Treat!!

It was a special and energetic morning as students walked around the 119 hall showcasing their Halloween costumes. It was wonderful seeing the creativity of the children and their families. I have been working at AIS for 5 years and this year, each child had a different costume, NO REPEATS, which is an amazing feat.


This year, staff participated as a team by dressing up as idioms. An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning. For example, “raining cats and dogs” is a way to describe heavy rainfall and “being under the weather” is a way to say that you are feeling sick. It is difficult at first to understand but seeing them in person is a fun way to learn about idioms.

We would like to thank the parents for collaborating with your child to create amazing costumes. A holiday like Halloween can bring families closer to discuss and design costumes for a holiday not traditionally celebrated in Hong Kong. Additionally, the AIS community came together and made Halloween a bit more special. Teachers in the ES division welcomed EC children into their classrooms to trick or treat. The prom committee along with help from the PTA held a bake sale for all the students. Students and teachers across all divisions walked around with smiles while enjoying the delicious treats prepared and donated by parents and students.  We are grateful!

I liked the bake sale because it had really good treats and many delicious choices. The treats were decorated nicely and tasted REALLY yummy!

– Ece Okatan, Grade 3

I liked the bake sale because the cookies and the cupcakes were very detailed, when you bit the cupcake the frosting was super sweet.

-Hannah Lee, Grade 2