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The Cheese Stands Alone

It’s the Cheese! It’s the Cheese!

The show begins with a delightful rendition of The Farmer In The Dell, but the audience soon finds out that the cheese doesn’t want to be alone anymore. At the end of the song, Cheesy tries very hard to persuade her friend, Ms. Rat, to stay with her, but Ms. Rat has other plans in mind. Everyone on the farm blames Cheesy for ruining the song. She quickly finds herself alone until her international relatives come to town. They encourage her to stand up for her beliefs and to speak up for herself. Cheesy gathers all her courage to tell Ms. Rat how she really feels. In the end, Cheesy and Ms. Rat become friends again and all is right in The Dell.

The Cheese Stands Alone has a valuable message about friendship and standing up for your beliefs. Ms. Sophie Oostendorp, Ms. Candice Anders, and I challenged the students with a musical which featured original songs and solos. Our students accepted the challenge and worked together to put on a stellar performance.

“We had a lot of fun working with the students to put on a spectacular show. It gave us the opportunity to push the students beyond their comfort zone. We saw children take on unique roles and challenges with open minds. They learned how to process constructive criticism, self-reflect, and use it to improve on their areas of growth.”

— Grade 3 teachers

We are very proud of our students and their hard work. They exhibited our school’s key mindset of confidence. We practiced for 4 weeks and it was phenomenal to watch them grow with confidence to sing solos, follow choreography, and act with each other. We had the opportunity to see quiet students step out of their comfort zone to make the musical successful. Ms. Sophie, Ms. Anders, and I want to congratulate our Grade 3 students on a wonderful performance. It was a pleasure to work together with them to produce an amazing show.

Finally, we want to thank the wonderful parent volunteers, Mrs. Sim, Mrs. Mun, Mrs. Jang, Mrs. Mok, Mrs. Yang, and Mrs. Kothari, for all their hard work on the costumes, props, and set. We would like to thank Mr. Wong and Mr. Jang for the wonderful pictures and video of our show. We also want to thank Ms. Sweeney, Mr. Han, Mr. Garcia, and Ms. Shackleton for their support.

Your efforts made this memorable experience very special!