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Starting Off on the Right Foot

On a rainy Tuesday morning, students entered the gate on 125 Waterloo Road with excitement and smiles on their faces. They eagerly gathered in the 119 hall hugging and sharing summer stories and experiences. Parents were equally as excited to reconnect with each other.

The teachers greeted students and their families before heading to classrooms that they thoughtfully prepared the week before. The day was spent building a strong classroom community of learners ready to support one another throughout their learning journey this school year.

As the weeks progressed, every grade level from early childhood to Grade 4 was buzzing with energy. Students spent time listening to high interest books, writing personal narratives, and applying various problem solving strategies to solve math tasks while practicing classroom routines and behavioral expectations. Students loved time spent creating in art, engaging in physical activity, using their voice as an instrument, and strengthening their Mandarin skills. Indeed, AIS provides a well-rounded learning experience to build confident student leaders.

We have so much to look forward to this 2018-2019 school year!