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#SELday Challenge 2021

For some, the past eighteen months have been challenging and have demanded much flexibility, resilience, patience, and grit. Additional stress over an extended period of time can lead to deficiencies in our mental and physical health. Thus, it is important that we actively protect time to let go, nourish ourselves and rebuild. 

At AIS, one way we keep wellness at the core of our work with students is through the Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. The core SEL curriculum occurs within our Second Step (EC/ES) and advisory curriculum (MS/HS), but the philosophy is embedded throughout all subjects. 

To further develop SEL skills, AIS students and faculty engaged in activities to celebrate International SEL Day, an annual event to showcase, promote, advocate and support social emotional learning in school and communities across the world. #SELday activities and resources were shared with the school community and designed to nourish social emotional skills while fostering wellness. Some activities included physical exercise, creating art, writing stories, taking a technology break, playing chess, and spending time in nature. All students who participated in a wellness activity over the break were awarded House Points. Faculty also had the opportunity to engage in activities that helped develop empathy, decision making, self awareness, and personal responsibility in addition to movement activities and creative pursuits. 

"I went on a nature walk with my Dad and my Mom.  I saw different kinds of flowers and plants.  I played with my scooter.  I feel happy about it."
"I made cookies with my family and friends. The cookie were yummy!"
"I went to the beach in the evening with my brother and mom. I think it's fun to pick up some small rocks and throw them in the water."
"I did lot of exercise and outdoor activities with my family in this Easter break. I loved going on hikes and enjoyed the beauty of nature."
"I used to read but not too often, mostly fictional. But this year I have been reading different genre of books and I enjoyed most of them. Thanks to Mr. Lee, he taught us the importance of reading while having fun at the same time."
"One afternoon I helped mom make cheese coconut cake. I like this sweet cake."

To view some of the ideas for furthering your SEL skills, please visit We hope this resource provides you with some helpful tools to assist you in your wellness journey.