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Online School Series Part 2: Leadership

Online School Series – Part 2 Leadership

As schools around the world continue to respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, school leadership provides important guidance and support to all school stakeholders. The AIS Leadership Team spent time thoughtfully planning this transition and sustained commitment to online learning, always considering the diverse needs of students, families, and faculty.  

In Part 2 of our Online School Series, I had the opportunity to speak with our Head of School, Ms. Anita Simpson about her journey leading the school’s response to the pandemic. We will get a glimpse into the guidance provided to the community by the AIS Leadership Team as Ms. Simpson explains the importance of sending the right message to help create a positive mindset. Throughout this new learning experience, our teachers and students explored teaching and learning in many innovative ways and our student growth and confidence was remarkable. 

Finally, thank you, for taking the time to connect with our Eagle-i articles and AIS Voices podcast. You are a wonderful audience. We hope you enjoy listening and find the information helpful during this challenging time.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Stay healthy.

Stay positive.

Be kind.