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On Your Mark, Get Set, VOTE!!

What happens when teachers encourage students to step out of their comfort zone? The answer is that our students will grow into people who reflect on their failures and learn how to succeed on future opportunities. Teachers at AIS are providing students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to prepare them for life outside of school. Our goal is to teach children to be confident, well-spoken individuals who welcome challenges.

Our Grade 4 students were given an opportunity to show courage and speak in front of their peers and teachers during the House Captain Campaign. The AIS House Program provides opportunities across the year for students and teachers to join together in a variety of fun activities that encourage a strong sense of school spirit. The various academic, athletic, and service-oriented activities encourage individual responsibility, a sense of pride, and a deep appreciation for teamwork. AIS has three Houses: Phoenix (red), Tiger (white), and Dragon (blue). The houses represent the colours of the American flag and, with each symbolic creature, our Asian regional identity. Though they were nervous, each candidate was articulate, expressive, and poised. A huge thank you to Ms. Emily Machnicki, Ms. Eileen Brecha, and Mr. Matthew Hong for doing wonderful job supporting them each step of the way to create an unforgettable experience.

We would like to congratulate Mollie Mei, Soovin Jang, Aurora Lung, Benjamin Sim, Aarav Kothari, Juna Mun, Shriya Dutta, Sarthak Choyal, Yashawi Tiwari on a job well done. The AIS school community is extremely proud of you!!

I love seeing AIS students support each other in all situations. It makes me feel like our future is brighter with these acts of kindness and empathy. It is going to be difficult to announce the results because each of them work so hard and deserve to be a house captain.

– Eileen Brecha, Grade 4 teacher