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Adventure Week

The Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELP) is an integral part of our school’s Framework that learning needs to be Social, Personal and Applied. Since 2005, AIS developed an ‘Adventure Week’ program to take students beyond the red bricks of our school.

From Grade 1, our students and teachers begin a systemic program of outdoor activity days and camping. Overnight stays for our younger students gradually extend to week-long residential camps and overseas trips in both middle and high school. As a compulsory part of our curriculum, OELP aims to build a deeper understanding of our environment and the responsibilities we share as global citizens. AIS partners with leading NGOs from around the world in implementing community service projects through this program.

Through community service opportunities our students are empowered to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We also recognize the added value dedicated community service hours can bring to a student’s college application. This is considerable in situations where colleges and universities are seeking students with a strong academic background combined with evidence of a well-rounded education.

Past OELP Adventure Week trips include Paris, Fiji, Chiang Mai, Guangzhou, Tanzania, Borneo, New Zealand, India, Greece, Bali, Vietnam, Yangshuo, Telunas Beach, Xi’an, Sichuan, Silk Road, Hong Kong, South Africa, Laos, the Himalayas, and many more!

"OELP allowed me to have a fun experience with my friends and we learned a lot. I especially enjoyed learning about the culture and the people. I also enjoyed getting to know my friends a little bit more on this trip. OELP is also a chance for us to create many special memories."
"Being able to explore the culture of the Fijians was truly an eye-opening experience that I'll never forget. Their positivity and attitude towards life was unforgettable and proved to be life changing for me."
"We opened our eyes to what's happening in countries that aren't first world. Furthermore, there were so many cultural experiences in the trip that we had lessons everyday in some sort of form. It was also wonderful to see teachers outside of the classroom. OELP was fun!"

Adventure Week 2019

High School students recently completed their OELP trips for 2019-20. This school year there were nine different choices. Some stayed in Hong Kong and some went as far away as New Zealand and Fiji, whilst most travelled to a community within a country in our Asian region. We were especially excited to expand our trip offerings this year with the addition of the Sri Lanka trip!

Adventure Week 2018

The Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELP) that takes place in the Fall is known as ‘Adventure Week’. High School students recently completed their OELP trips for 2018-19.

OELP Adventure Week

Since 2005, AIS developed an ‘Adventure Week’ program. For a week all students take part in an off-campus program that is designed to develop students holistically in a way not possible in the classroom or home setting.

Adventure Week 2017

Connecting across different cultures, overcoming challenges, trying things you’ve never done before, learning about self, and completing a service project to make a positive difference to the lives of others: the Adventure Week program at AIS continues to offer opportunities for students to grow holistically.