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High School OELP Adventure Week

What is OELP?

The Outdoor Education and Leadership Program is an integral part of our school’s Framework that Learning needs to be Social, Personal and Applied. Since 2005, AIS developed an ‘Adventure Week’ program to take students beyond the red bricks of our school. For a week all students take part in an off-campus program that is designed to develop students holistically in a way not possible in the classroom or home setting.

The purpose of organizing such a program is to give students unique outdoor educational opportunities, broadening their understanding and appreciation of our world and, cultivating a true sense of cultural awareness. This type of experiential learning can strengthen friendships, develop communication skills, inspire leadership and instil in our students positive values that match our core values of Justice, Knowledge and Love and will help them become effective global citizens.

All programs include a community service component that will give students a chance to serve the community they visit. These trips undoubtedly support our students in becoming empowered thinkers, global citizens, effective communicators and well-rounded individuals.

Straight from the Students

I had the pleasure of speaking to Dennis Ho, Justin Klip, and Zoe Tse about their experiences and expectations for this year’s OELP trip. It was no surprise that each student provided a similar response.

Dennis, Justin, and Zoe felt that OELP “Adventure Week”…

  • provided them with extremely positive experiences that supported their learning at AIS.
  • gave them an opportunity to make new friends and to spend time with old friends.
  • gave them a once in a lifetime chance to experience a different country and culture in a way not possible on a regular trip.
  • allowed them to collaborate with their peers to accomplish a common goal.
  • taught them to be resilient and confident in making mistakes.

Each student believed that they created unforgettable memories with their friends. They enjoyed spending time with them and having the opportunity to be themselves. Making mistakes and failing is a natural part of the rich experience students have when going away on these adventure based and service learning project weeks; and the best part, according to these students, is having their teachers and friends support them and ‘lift them up’ during these more challenging times.

High Expectations

Whether students are leaving the country for the first time or going away again, they have very high expectations for these trips. They know that the knowledge and experience gained is valuable and will be with them for life. The friendships they forge will be unforgettable and lifelong. It shows their eagerness to grow as people and be resilient no matter where they are in the world.

The high school Adventure Week for 2018 begins on Friday November 9, and runs until Saturday November 17. Please follow updates through our designated Twitter feed @OELP2018.