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New Faculty Feature: Ms. Emma Fields

Ms. Emma Fields is a Grade 4 Homeroom teacher at American International School in Hong Kong. In her six years of teaching she has been a Technology, Yearbook, Science, ESL and General Elementary Classroom teacher in Hong Kong, Spain, the Dominican Republic and her home country of the USA. She designs lessons for students to use diverse media and technology to create, explore and experience content in deep, meaningful ways. In her free time, Emma enjoys traveling, photography and playing sports.

What brought you to AIS?

I had never been to Southeast Asia before moving here, but was interested in exploring another part of the world! I love traveling and after living in multiple other countries, I thought it would be a great experience to see another side of the world and immerse myself in cultures I’m unfamiliar with. When I found AIS, I was instantly drawn to the values of Justice, Knowledge and Love. It excited me to work for a school that values instilling these principals above all else in their students. 

What is your favorite thing about "being at" AIS?

How welcoming and kind everyone is! The staff at AIS have helped me out so much. All the staff have helped me find things on the island, have taken me out to restaurants and to explore different neighborhoods around the city. It’s also so fun to meet people from so many different backgrounds. Everyone has such an interesting story of how they came to AIS and it’s so fun to learn about people’s stories. 

Who inspires you? Why?

My parents inspire me. How they have lived their lives, raised our family and want to leave a positive legacy on this earth is inspiring to me. I aspire to be as kind, generous and family oriented as they have been in their lives and careers. They have always set such a great example to me and I see the great impact they have on every person they meet. I hope to be able to impact people and make lasting change like they have.

What are passions you explore outside your career?

I love photography and traveling. I love getting outside, exploring and taking cool pictures of the places I go. I started a photography course that has really improved my photography skills the past two years and my goal is to finish it this year. I love sharing my photography online and creating videos or photo galleries of my work. I also love to be active. Whether it’s playing volleyball, wakesurfing, hiking or exploring a new beach — I’m always looking for something fun to do outdoors.

What's in your lunchbox?

A sandwich with grilled veggies & hummus. Lots of fruit.. an apple, mango slices or grapes are my go-to’s. Since moving to Hong Kong I’ve been trying to explore asian cuisine and recently have been making a lot of Ramen soups!

Do you have anything else you'd like to share?

Come say hi! I love meeting new people and hearing stories of people’s lives. I’d love to know yours!