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New Faculty Feature: Ms. Sarah Allen

Ms. Sarah Allen joins us in our Elementary School, teaching Grade 1 Junior and is very excited to be here. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong since July 2014, though she still considers London to be home.

What brought you to AIS?

I have taught kindergarten classes since moving to Hong Kong and was looking for a new challenge when I applied to AIS. I love that the core values of Justice, Knowledge and Love are so evident in the school community, and knew I found the right place as soon as I stepped onto campus and met the staff. Everyone is so welcoming and kind.

What is your favorite thing about "being at" AIS?

For me, I’d have to say the sense of belonging and community are my favourite things about being at AIS. Whether it was communicating on zoom, email or face to face, everyone genuinely cares about each other. I love how every meeting includes a chance for people to share gratitudes and I feel like everyone is valued. In my first few weeks at AIS, I met some lovely people who are supportive, welcoming and very patient.

Who inspires you? Why?

I am inspired by all the great teachers I have had throughout my education. The teachers that went above and beyond for me; the ones who were there for me when I was struggling or stressed; the ones that listened to me, and encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goals. They are the sort of teacher I hope to be to my students. I’ve had some wonderful role models within my family too who supported me and helped shape me into the person I am today.

What are passions you explore outside your career?

I love travelling and have travelled solo to a few countries within Asia. I love exploring and am always up for trying something different and new. I travel to eat and love trying new foods. I also enjoy hiking and am very grateful to be in Hong Kong where there are some wonderful trails. I’ve competed in a few hiking races. I like to challenge myself and see what I can achieve. I enjoy reading and am a host of a local book club.

What's in your lunchbox today?

I really don’t like cooking so I order meals for lunch. It’s a surprise what I get because I can never remember what I’ve ordered. Today was chicken mince with veg and a Thai dressing