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Visual & Performing Arts

“The Arts have a wonderful universality. Art has the potential to unify. It can speak in many languages without a translator. The Arts do not discriminate. The Arts lift us up.”
— Barbara Jordan

The Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) program at AIS engages and inspires students across all divisions. The comprehensive K-12 arts curriculum prepares students for the rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) Art and Music courses offered in High School. 

Experienced and passionate VPA teachers work hard to offer a fresh, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum which allows students to freely explore their creativity, enabling them to be the artists they choose to be. VPA teachers create safe spaces for students to discover and develop their artistic skills in Visual Arts, Drama, and Music classes while building Confidence in themselves. In addition to traditional methods and tools, students use new technologies and ways of working in the arts, ensuring that students are prepared for artistic study and life beyond AIS.

AIS also offers a variety of extended learning opportunities in the arts through extracurricular activities (ECAs). Students are also exposed to art in the local community and participate in trips to a variety of art venues and galleries, which include visits from guest speakers and local performers. 

Studying Visual and Performing Arts at AIS plays a significant role in helping students become Well-Rounded Individuals. The arts benefit students through the development of essential transferable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, adaptability, healthy expression and perseverance. In a world where the arts are recognised and appreciated as important and essential subjects for young people, the VPA department at AIS helps to nurture, engage, and encourage students to become the next generation of creatives ready to make contributions to the wider world.


Visual Arts offers students an appreciation for the diverse nature of expression encapsulated within the subject. Students are exposed to a range of different media through different ideas and concepts to create unique, innovative, and exciting work. The skills acquired by our students encompass a multitude of two and three dimensional practices, including drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, ceramics and sculpture, and the implementation of technology through digital art.


Music is an integral part of the AIS educational experience. Students learn through a range of styles and genres, understanding elements of music and how they combine to create music that engages an audience. Students collaborate within ensembles and showcase their talents through a range of performance opportunities. Be it playing guitar in a rock band, singing in a choir, or composing and producing using music technology, there’s a pathway for every student at AIS to realize their innate musicality. 


Drama is not only performing for a live audience. It is the amalgamation of social, collaborative and creative realms to use the body and voice as a performance instrument. Students gain critical thinking skills and learn through reflection in this unique yet most natural art form. Through engaging with the subject, students grow in confidence and find authentic ways to express themselves.


With great pride, we invite you to explore the artistic work of our students, curated for you within these series of blog posts. These posts aim to capture a glimpse of our talented students as they embrace their relationship with art on a daily basis. As we’re sure you will agree, our school is that much richer and vibrant as a result.