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High School

Mr. Mike Wing, High School Principal

At the high school level, we offer a broad educational program with a holistic approach to student development. At AIS, we provide a high-quality educational experience that not only equips students academically, but also prepares them to contribute positively towards society.

Supported by our guidance counselors and homeroom advisory program, our students pursue a rigorous and challenging college-preparatory academic curriculum with the opportunity to select from a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses. AIS graduates consistently gain entrance to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities both in the US and internationally.

In fulfilling our graduation requirements and earning the AIS High School Diploma, students take a broad and balanced program of courses each year. We emphasize an inquiry-driven approach to learning, supporting students in becoming critical and empowered thinkers. Technology is used throughout the learning environment, and fulfilling the requirements of our BYOAD program students are expected to bring their own Apple devices, including at minimum a Macbook Air laptop, to support their learning in each class.

AIS students are actively involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities. We offer an extensive range of opportunities, including seasonal intramural and varsity sports, visual and performing arts, and special interest clubs including Model United Nations, TED-Ed, Human Rights & Inclusive club, Eco-Green club, the Engineering club and elected student leadership roles with the Student Council, Athletic Council, and the Prom & Graduation committee.

Beyond the academic requirements of our high school program, we view global citizenship as a key characteristic of our learning approach. The educational philosophy we promote across AIS encourages every student to play an active and positive role in society. We are proud that dedicated community service is a high school graduation requirement. Our annual OELP ‘Service in Action Week’ program sees every high school student and teacher involved in a week-long overseas trip designed to promote cultural understanding and service learning. By leading our students out of their comfort zones and allowing them opportunities to make a difference to the lives of others, they develop a deep and enduring understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens. This is the hallmark of an AIS education.

Of course, the success of our high school program rests on the shoulders of the teachers. Perhaps the most defining characteristic of our high school program is the unique and special bond that exists between our dedicated and highly talented international faculty and our students. We are recognized for the supportive learning environment and the strong sense of school connectedness evident across the campus. This is what makes AIS the school that it is.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit the school. We would be happy to show you around.

Mike Wing
High School Principal


The AIS High School academic program is credit-based. High School students are expected to complete 4 years of full-time study, taking 7 courses per year. Each course requires a minimum of 5 hours of instruction per week. AIS does not offer half-credits. Please note that all courses are subject to maximum and minimum enrollment and that courses may be altered based on student demand.

Typically, freshmen (G9) and sophomores (G10) complete foundational courses in the core subjects together with initial credits in Visual & Performing Arts (VPA), Computer Science & Technology (CST), World Languages: French, Mandarin or Spanish (WL) and Physical Education & Health (PEH). Honors and Pre-AP level courses for students anticipating taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered for suitably qualified students in G9, G10 and G11.


To graduate with an AIS High School Diploma, all high school students are required to successfully complete a minimum requirement of 24 credits in the following subject areas plus elective courses:

English Literature 4
Mathematics 3
Science 3
Humanities & Social Studies 3
World Languages 2
Physical & Health Education 2
Visual & Performing Arts 2
Computer Science & Technology 2
Electives 3 – 7
Total (including electives) 24 – 28

Minimum Number of Academic Credits Required for Promotion

5 Credits 11 Credits 18 Credits
Transfer students at Grade 9, or above, receive one credit toward AIS graduation requirements for each 140 successful hours of academic work at an appropriately recognized educational institution.

College admission data suggests applications to university are enhanced if students complete 3-6 AP course credits in a broad range of subjects. At AIS, a minimum of five (5) Grade 12 or Advanced Placement course credits are required for a high school diploma.


Community service hours must be completed with a registered charity or non-for-profit organization, and official letters must be submitted to prove the student’s voluntary work. We have a community service club that generates ideas for projects and activities for students to get involved in within our Hong Kong community. Students will also complete a number of community service hours during their Outdoor Education & Leadership Program.

Minimum Number of Community Service Hours for Graduation
10 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours 20 Hours