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Elementary School

Welcome to Elementary School!

Ms. Tanya Sweeney, Assistant Head of School & Elementary School Principal

​I am honored to serve as principal of our Elementary division, a distinctive setting in which students from Early Childhood to Grade Four build fundamental skills, grow their curiosity, begin to understand themselves as learners, and expand their sense of themselves as 21st century citizens.

Supported by a skilled and collaborative faculty, our students are known as individuals and learners within their classes and house groups. They feel a sense of connectedness and recognize that our community is a safe one in which to take risks, find their voice, and consider their role in an increasingly global society.

Seeking to develop well-rounded individual​s,​ we offer opportunities beyond academic learning, to develop personal, social and developmental skills through our PSD classes and extracurricular activities. Our steadfast commitment to a school-wide social skills program enables our faculty to model positive ways to solve problems, develop friendships, and communicate effectively with others.

The faculty is proud of our commitment to learners and their ongoing growth and success. Most AIS families choose us because they seek a nurturing community that values the individual, while challenging learners to develop confidence through their work with and for others. Visit our campus to see for yourself our unique and challenging learning environment.

Tanya Sweeney
Assistant Head of School
Elementary School Principal


AIS Elementary School provides a well-balanced curricular and extra-curricular program that supports the development of the whole child. Our students benefit from a highly devoted and collaborative international faculty.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

We focus on the Core Academic Subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, with all units of study reflecting the Common Core State Standards. All curriculum units include performance assessments and opportunities for students to co-create their learning experiences through applied collaboration to solve problems or delve more deeply into topics of personal fascination.

Specialist Subjects include Physical Education, Music, Mandarin and Art. Teachers design opportunities for students to apply their learning across domains; to develop language skills, to nurture aesthetic competencies, to experience the joy of movement and fitness, and to think about themselves and their place in our world.

Throughout our formal curriculum, and in all the collective learning activities and pursuits we design, AIS is cultivating curiosity and growing confidence!


We are very proud of the personalized workshop-style literacy program offered throughout the division. Our teachers place themselves alongside learners, as partners in the child’s personalized learning journey. Practicing the Reading and Writing Workshop approach, we nurture each child so he or she can progress towards rigorous grade-level curriculum targets based on individual readiness. Small guided reading/writing groups and one-to-one conferences between teacher and student allow us to deeply understand their skill levels and help them become responsible members of our literate classroom communities.