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Elementary School

Ms. Linda Morrison, Elementary School Principal

I am incredibly grateful for your interest in the elementary division at American International School. Our well-respected, highly skilled staff are delighted to serve students from Early Childhood to Grade Four providing a meaningful, well-rounded school experience that centers on Justice, Knowledge, and Love.

As a diverse community who prides itself on inclusivity, our students and families feel a strong sense of belonging and connection to American International School. Our students represent a strong global community and our teachers thoughtfully design learning experiences that invite student voice and empower them to share their unique stories, build community through collaboration, and problem solve creatively. American International School takes great pride in preparing our students to be global citizens and future leaders ready to make a positive difference in the world and the lives of others.

At AIS, we believe that knowledge is achieved and applied through high quality, engaging elementary learning experiences. These experiences are critical and set the stage for all future learning in a child’s life. We believe that academic learning is equally important as social and emotional learning, physical well-being, and artistic expression.  Our students are encouraged to demonstrate their learning through different modalities and we welcome your visit so you can experience firsthand the authentic, personalized learning and talent of our confident elementary students.

Most importantly, our students, families, and staff earnestly love American International School.  We are truly a school family. There’s a palpable sense of joy and care that permeates the school and is evident in the relationships between all school stakeholders.  It’s this love and nurturing environment that draws families and staff to our school.

Again, thank you for your interest in the American International School.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards,

Linda Morrison
Elementary School Principal


AIS Elementary School provides a well-balanced curricular and extra-curricular program that supports the development of the whole child. Our students benefit from a highly devoted and collaborative international faculty.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

We focus on the Core Academic Subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, with all units of study reflecting the Common Core State Standards. All curriculum units include performance assessments and opportunities for students to co-create their learning experiences through applied collaboration to solve problems or delve more deeply into topics of personal fascination.

Specialist Subjects include Physical Education, Music, Mandarin and Art. Teachers design opportunities for students to apply their learning across domains; to develop language skills, to nurture aesthetic competencies, to experience the joy of movement and fitness, and to think about themselves and their place in our world.

Throughout our formal curriculum, and in all the collective learning activities and pursuits we design, AIS is cultivating curiosity and growing confidence!


We are very proud of the personalized workshop-style literacy program offered throughout the division. Our teachers place themselves alongside learners, as partners in the child’s personalized learning journey. Practicing the Reading and Writing Workshop approach, we nurture each child so he or she can progress towards rigorous grade-level curriculum targets based on individual readiness. Small guided reading/writing groups and one-to-one conferences between teacher and student allow us to deeply understand their skill levels and help them become responsible members of our literate classroom communities.