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How We Learn


Over the years the American International School has built a strong reputation for the rigor of its academic program and successfully preparing its graduates to enter university. AIS continues to value high academic achievement, and university entrance remains the expectation for most AIS graduates.

Yet, we also understand the educational landscape is changing. Accelerated by technology and powerful structural shifts in the global economy, significant changes in the work we do in school is already underway.

Our recently published FRAMEWORK FOR THE FUTURE brings into focus a set of key teaching and learning experiences, intended to shape the future direction of the educational programs at AIS.

To ensure our school experience remains relevant to the needs of students and is focused on essential skills and mindsets needed for their future, the framework places a premium on the development of student-confidence through teaching and learning experiences that are APPLIED, SOCIAL and PERSONAL.

LEGACY: Honoring Our Past

Our founder Dr. Thomas Liang believed in the power of education to change lives. In 1986, Dr. Liang established AIS to give students a unique American international school experience that would prepare them for admission to schools, colleges and universities in the United States. 30+ years later, our founding values – Justice, Knowledge, and Love – remain the hallmarks of an AIS education.

Opportunity: Embracing Our Present

At AIS, educational innovation is inspiring us to design and deliver new school experiences that make learning relevant for each student. Learning at AIS is designed to be Social, Personal and Applied.

Possiblity: Choosing Our Future

As educators our role is to prepare students for the future. Beyond academic excellence, the AIS experience also seeks to nurture a deeper sense of confidence in each student. As learning becomes increasingly personalised students will learn to make informed choices so they are truly future-ready.


Young children make sense of their world by constructing concepts through play and active engagement that promotes complex thinking. At AIS, our Early Childhood program provides opportunities for all children to experience success.

Our Elementary School provides a carefully structured, well-balanced curricular and extracurricular program that supports the development of the whole child. The program balances appropriate content knowledge in all subject areas with the development of essential learning skills and our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). We ensure each child has a solid foundation in the basic skills and concepts from which all future learning takes place.


Our Middle School program promotes academic excellence while recognizing the unique social, emotional, and physical changes of young adolescents. We incubate a personalized, compassionate, and community-oriented educational environment characterized by deeply engaged learning for all middle school students. Our learning is greatly enhanced by a process of inquiry, exploration, sharing, and guided reflection.

In line with recognized US educational standards and guided by a distinctive middle school philosophy, we provide a carefully structured, well-balanced curricular and co-curricular program that supports the development of the whole-child.


Supported through a systematic homeroom and advisory program, our High School students pursue a rigorous and challenging college-preparatory academic curriculum with a wide range of Advanced Placement courses in junior and senior years. The AIS High School academic program is credit-based. High School students are expected to complete 4 years of full-time study, taking 7 courses per year.

The High School years are a time when our young men and women become passionate and serious scholars, preparing to enter universities and colleges where they will continue their lifelong journey of learning.

At AIS, we embrace the future with CONFIDENCE.

AIS is recognised  for the strong sense of family it has successfully nurtured since its opening 30+ years ago. Located in the prestigious Kowloon Tong district of Hong Kong, AIS serves approximately 850 students from Early Childhood through Grade 12. Over the years AIS has successfully maintained a genuine small-school feel. Students, teachers and families share an enduring sense of affection for the school and its community.

AIS is governed and financed independently. It is registered by the Hong Kong Education Bureau and fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).