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Middle School Matters

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Middle School Matters

It was an exciting last few weeks in the Middle School. We enjoyed an amazing science learning exhibition with the ChemiCon event hosted by G8. Additionally, we went beyond the bricks as G7 attended an environmental field study at Ocean Park, G6 visited the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the Science Museum, and G8 had an on-campus activity day after getting stuck here by heavy rains. All of our students and faculty showed their positive spirit as we navigated the wet weather and busy schedule.

Our final days brought us the wonderful Total Vocal a cappella event, in which every middle school class collaborated to produce a medley vocal and dance performance. The PTA helped round out the evening by organizing and sponsoring a delicious spread of finger foods. Moving into the last few days of school, we enjoyed an afternoon of House competition up at the park, and several special assemblies that highlighted student awards and teacher farewells.

We will miss our departing teachers, and thank them for their service.

  • Ms. Elena Liotta, G7/8 Science Teacher. She is moving back to the New York City area.
  • Ms. Stacie Willey, G6 Math/Science Teacher. She is moving to a school in Peru.
  • Mr. Gary Wong, MS Computer Science Teacher. He is moving back to Australia.
  • Ms. Yeung, G6 Humanities Teacher. She is attending law school in Philadelphia.

As a result of these departures, and due to increased enrollment, we have the opportunity to welcome new faculty members to our community: Angela Evans (G5/6 Humanities), Mindy Swanson (G5/6 Humanities), Doug Dysart (G5/6 Science), Caroline Pringle (G7/8 Science), Rolly Maiquez (Computer Science and Robotics), Lisa Jackson (MS Performance).

Keeping the Mind and Body Active During the Summer:

Summer is a great time to be with family and friends. We hope students stay active, and also want them to keep an engaged mind. Below are some ways to help students avoid what we call “summer learning loss”.

Read, read, read! At AIS, we love to read, and there is no better time to enjoy some great books than during summer. Here are some ways to get started with summer reading:

It is also good to keep up with your math skills. One option is to continue with IXL practice, another option is to try out Khan Academy. Simply go to this link, select the grade level you want to practice, sign-up using your school Google account, and start a “Mission”. It is free! You could either do review for the grade level you just completed, or try the grade level you will enter in August. All students entering middle school should make sure they feel comfortable with fractions.

Please take a moment to note the events below on your calendar, especially the registration date.


August 10: MS Registration (please refer to your registration letter for times)

August 15: First day of school for all divisions (8:00am-3:00pm)

November 6-11: MS and HS OELP Week (please do not plan family travel during this time)

As always, I encourage you to try Twitter and Facebook as a way to get frequent updates on the exciting learning happening at AIS, and in the Middle School specifically. If you are on Twitter, you can follow @aishongkong, @AISSportsHK, and @AISPTA  My professional Twitter is @zpostedu, and is a place I share the great work of our teachers and students, as well as resources that inform and inspire our program development.

Zachary Post
Middle School Principal
Twitter: @zpostedu

ES students visiting the G8 ChemiCon event

Students enjoyed House competitions during our MS Team Day