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Introducing Ms. Candice Anders

Meet Ms. Candice Anders. She is one of our Grade 3 Elementary school teachers and it is her second year at AIS. She is an experienced teacher originally from Louisiana, USA. She previously taught in the US for 10 years and has been teaching in Hong Kong for 4 years. AIS is very lucky to have her as part of our community. Read to find out more about her!

Do you have any favorite artists or athletes, and why?

One of my all-time favorite bands is The Beatles. Their music is timeless. I admire their innovative and determined spirit.

Which famous deceased person would you want to have dinner with, and why?

I would like to have dinner with John Candy. He seemed to be such a kind and considerate soul. He appeared in many of my favorite movies and because of this, was an important part of my childhood. His films never fail to make me smile.

What are some passions you explore outside of your career?

I love traveling and exploring new cultures. I think it is important to learn as much about the world as possible.

What is one place in the world you’d like to visit, and why?

I would love to visit Antarctica. It is unlike any other place on this earth and it would be amazing to see a place so vastly different. Penguins are also my favorite bird, so to see them in the wild would be incredible.

A strength of yours is teaching students how to self-regulate their behavior. Can you share any of your tricks or strategies with AIS parents?

I always take the time to really listen to the students when they are experiencing a problem. I let them know that it’s ok to experience strong feelings, but that it is important to think and calm down before acting on those emotions. We practice breathing, counting to five, and if needed, taking some time alone to calm down.