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Grade 2 Assembly: Poetry Slam!

The AIS community was treated to an amazing Grade 2 Poetry Slam prior to spring break. The ambience was similar to a coffee house with candles, dim lighting and the all of the ‘Cool Cats’ in Grade 2. The students shared a variety of poems which they composed during their recent writing unit. It was a wonderful morning as we watched our students share their poems with our community.

Poetry and Children

Poetry provides children with the freedom of self expression. Each child wrote a unique piece that gave us a glimpse of their world and what they see. It was important for children in the performance and for those in the audience to see that poetry can be on any topic, and does not have to rhyme in order to be effective.

“We are very thankful for the hard work the students and parents put into making this performance a success. The parents helped make our vision a reality with the set design and costumes. It was extraordinary to watch the children channel their emotions through paper and pencil into poems. In the end, it was a very proud moment for everybody!”

– Grade 2 Teachers

We would like to congratulate Grade 2 on their hard work and success in putting on a spectacular Poetry Slam. The Grade 2 teachers did an amazing job of guiding our students through their poetry unit, encouraging each child to write about their personal experiences and interests. After hearing their poems, we agree that the Grade 2 students and teachers were definitely the ‘coolest cats’ at the assembly!