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High School OELP From Global to Local 2022

For three days in November our High School students explored Hong Kong through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students have been focusing on ways local organisations work to make Hong Kong, and the world, a better place by working to meet the targets put forth by the UN. 

Like any other city in the world, Hong Kong has communities in need. Our From Global to Local (FG2L) programs are designed to help these groups. Allowing students to see a different side of the city they know, love, and call home. This week, our students have gone into new areas of the city, met new people, and experienced new things. The learning that they have taken away from these programs will stay with them, and hopefully, help them make changes to their lives in order to help us all meet the UN targets!

VolTra | AuLaw Organic Farm

VOLTRA | Ping Che Aquaponics Farm

Our Grade 9 students worked with VolTra. The grade was divided into three groups. Each group worked with a different local sustainable farming cooperative for two days and spent their third day exploring traditional industries on Hong Kong Island that are slowly disappearing. Through these experiences the Grade 9 students explored three different UN SDGs: Goal #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal #15 Life on Land. With AuLaw Organic farm students learned about traditional, sustainable farming techniques and how to ensure people have access to healthy produce. With HK Federation of Youth Groups Organic Farm our students learned more about the ways we can ensure our vegetables are healthy through organic farming techniques. With Ping Che Aquaponics Farm students learned about this unique method of farming through fish-vegetable symbiosis. 

VolTra | HKFYG Organic Farm

Africa Centre

Our Grade 10 – 12 students were divided into 8 different groups depending on their area of interest. Each group worked with a different local organisation and also focused on different UN SDGs. 

The students who visited Africa Centre focused on Goal #16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions and have gained a better understanding of the issues facing refugees, as well as developed a new appreciation for those from different cultural backgrounds. This program has helped students form a positive attitude towards Africans and African culture through participation in cultural activities such as cooking, drumming, crafts, and dance.


Food Angel, ImpactHK, and Feeding HK

With EcoDrive, students focused on Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production while learning about the significant issue single use plastics pose to our environment. After completing a personal plastic use inventory in the weeks leading up to the program, students visited local recycling centres, participated in a beach clean up, and worked to develop their own proposals of how to tackle the single use plastic issue at AIS and in their own lives. 

With Food Angel, ImpactHK and Feeding HK, students focused on Goal #1: No Poverty and Goal #2: Zero Hunger. Students spent one day with each organisation. Through all, the theme of food insecurity ran strong and discussions on how to ensure more equitable access to food is provided to those in need in Hong Kong. 

Habitat for Humanity

Okapi Studio

With Habitat for Humanity, students focused on Goal #11 Sustainable Communities and Cities. Students spent two days working in local housing estates to help residents make improvements to their living conditions through painting, cleaning, and other repair work needed. On day three, students spent time at HiP Space in Jordan learning more about the issue of housing issues for people as they age. 

With Okapi Studios, students focused on Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Students learned the value of self-sufficient farming and enjoyed a farm-to-table vegan meal while also transforming the harvested plants into food, beverages, and other natural products. On day two, students focused on building community and gathering oral history from local residents. On day three, students worked with families living in a transitional housing complex in Hong Kong to create products while focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Soap Cycling

St. Barnabas Home and Society

The students at Soap Cycling spent 3 days working hard! While focusing on Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, they learned the process of transforming leftover soap from hotels and other businesses into soap that can be used by those in need by working with the Soap Cycling team of minority and elderly workers. They even worked to ensure all refuse from their work was recycled properly to ensure no extra waste went to landfills. 

At St. Barnabas Home and Society, students focused on Goal #1: No Poverty and Goal #2: Zero Hunger. Our students learned the challenges of being homeless in Hong Kong. They provided meals and organised entertainment for the men and women who come to St. Barnabas for support. The students also designed and painted a beautiful mural to bring colour and joy to the centre.


With WWF, students focused on Goal #14: Life Below Water and Goal #15: Life on Land. Our students took on the role of citizen scientists and explored the environmental issues plaguing Hong Kong. They visited the wetlands, marine park, and island house to engage in projects to help support biodiversity and the unique environments around Hong Kong. 

All in all, our students and teachers reported learning a lot about ways they can make changes in their daily lives to make a difference. Each of us has the power to make changes that can have a real impact on the global situation.