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High School OELP From Global to Local 2021

At the beginning of the year we were all disappointed to learn that the continued uncertainty of border closures, quarantine requirements, and the health and safety of the students and staff involved due to the pandemic meant that we would not be able to experience our overseas Adventure Week program again this year. However, with Hong Kong being in a much better position than last year, with great excitement we began to gear up for the first From Global to Local program!

This new program was designed to provide students with much of the same learning and growth opportunities as our Adventure Week program, but without leaving Hong Kong. In connection with local organisations and using the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development (UN SDG) as an umbrella, 7 unique programs that  focused on one, or more, of the goals and how the issue is present in Hong Kong were developed.

Africa Centre

Okapi Studio

Rooftop Republic

St. Barnabas’ Society & Feeding Hong Kong

Each program was designed to give students unique outdoor educational opportunities, broadening their understanding and appreciation of our world. This type of experiential learning strengthens friendships, develops communication skills, inspires leadership and instils in our students positive values that will help them become effective global citizens and well-rounded individuals. The service component of the program allows students to give back to communities in need within Hong Kong and to see Hong Kong through a new lens.  It allows them to gain an appreciation for the opportunities they have in their lives.

Based on student interests and preferences, our high school community was divided into 9 groups and for three days they worked with a local NGO/social enterprise/charity that strives to make improvements in the area of the UN SDGs. This year we were fortunate enough to partner with Africa Centre, Okapi Studio, Rooftop Republic, St. Barnabas Society & Home, Feeding Hong Kong, VolTra, Soap Cycling and WWF.

VolTra (Group 1)

VolTra (Group 2)

World Wildlife Fund (Group 1)

World Wildlife Fund (Group 2)