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ES Sports Day 2018


Every year students, parents, and teachers look forward to Sports Day and every year, it is a huge success. With their passion for physical activity and sportsmanship, Mr. Kotze and Mr. Millar created a full day of fun competition for our Elementary School students. Leading up to Sports Day, Mr. Kotze and Mr. Millar also worked hard with the students to develop confidence and good sportsmanship.

Sports Day is Here!

As students and parents filled the sports ground, smiles could be seen on everyone’s faces. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as parents took pictures and students prepared to compete for house points. After an introduction by Mr. Kotze and our school song, students took to the field with their teachers and Sports Day began.

Throughout the day, students participated in running, team building, and throwing activities. It is always special to see students encouraging each other to do their best. It is equally special to see teachers and parents on the field, having just as much, if not more fun than the students.

As the day came to an end with the house relay, children were treated to a special parent vs. teacher race as house points were tallied. Students were on the edge of their seats, anxious and excited to find out which house would take the Sports Day Cup…

G3 Endurance Race
G1 Fun Games
G4 Team Building

And The Winner Is…

BLUE HOUSE!!! Students erupted with cheers when Mr. Kotze and Mr. Millar announced the winning house. The AIS community would like to congratulate all the houses on their hard work and great sportsmanship!