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AIS Eagles Season 4 Sports Round Up

WOOHOO!!! Our Season 4 sports teams have made it to the end of the season and have achieved some fabulous results as we move into the long summer holidays coming up. 

Our U12 Girls Football ⚽ were very impressive in their run this season, as they were undefeated and won games against DBIS, CSA and DSC that got them straight into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the girls were so unlucky against DSC in the semi-finals hitting the post and losing narrowly 2-1, but beat CSA 1-0 to claim the bronze medal ?. It was unlucky for the girls as they have been very consistent this season, but it was a good learning experience for them as it was their first time playing football so they have come a long way in developing their footballing ability and knowledge of the game. Next year will be another opportunity to show their outstanding performances and hopefully a chance to win the gold medal. Great effort U12 girls football team!

Next up, our U12 Boys Football ⚽ team had shown signs of resilience as they were able to score against every team in the league, with a small marginal defeat to MCHK and a 4-3 win against CAIS. The boys fell short of going into the playoffs by 1 point, though the boys should still be happy with their performance as they battled hard against many challenging teams that had more experience playing at a competitive level. A highlight was beating a strong South Island team in a friendly down at Happy Valley scoring a last minute winner to win the game 4-3! We wish them good luck next year, hopefully they can have another go in reaching the playoffs and giving other teams a harder chance to fight for that medal. Well done boys!

Our U14 Girls Touch Rugby ? team showed great improvements as they faced challenging teams, having a close narrow defeat to ICHK and beating CAIS convincingly to reach the playoffs. Unfortunately, they fell short to a slightly more experienced KGV team 3-2 in the semi-finals but took the bronze medal ? home with a 4-2 win against CAIS. The girls should be proud of themselves, as they have come a long way in improving their confidence and teamwork which will be a good stepping stone to potentially achieving a championship next year and hopefully the years to come. Great job girls! 

Finally, our U20 Mixed Touch Rugby ? Eagles were outstanding this season as they were also undefeated, beating ICHK, CAIS, MCHK and DSC to reach the playoffs final. Read our play-by-play by Mr. Wing to see how our Eagles were able to beat ICHK at the end to claim the gold medal and bring home the silver division banner. It is an amazing achievement and certainly the whole team should be proud of themselves for their amazing performances and teamwork as a whole. The team celebrated jumping in the swimming pool on a hot Friday afternoon, but throwing Mr. Pagel into the pool was an even better celebration! Well done boys and girls!

Thank you to all the student athletes that competed in the season 4 sports teams, we are all so proud of your development and the achievements you have brought back! Have a great summer holiday, and recharge those batteries! 

I wish you all the very best in the future and I know that you will be in safe hands with Mr. Jacky Chan as the new Athletic Director, and you will come back better, stronger and hopefully even more successful next year! It has been an absolute pleasure to coach and be the AD of our fantastic AIS students all these years. 



Thank you,

Mr. Stephen Kelly
AIS Athletic Director

Coach Brosnan
U12G Football

Coach Kelly
U12B Football & U14G Touch Rugby

Coach Pagel
U20 Mixed Touch Rugby