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AIS Eagles Season 3 Sports Round Up

Once again, we should be very proud of the achievements and success that our season 3 teams have accomplished, as they have put in their best efforts and commitments at this very busy period of the year.

First was our U14 Girls Badminton ? team, who had great improvements throughout the season in their playing ability and to encourage one another as a team to stay positive against many experienced teams. This was shown through the 2 victories against ICHK and NAIS, and close games against DSC as well as CAIS, which showed great signs of resilience. Well done for your best efforts girls!

Next up was the U14 Boys Badminton ? who were very enthusiastic to play every game and were determined to improve each game in order to reach the playoffs. They were able to beat ASHK and had very close games against DSC, ICHK and CAIS. These were great results and hopefully with more experience next year, the boys could accomplish their goals to go a few steps further in the playoffs. Great effort boys!

There were signs of progression over the season with the U20 Girls Badminton ? team as they played against a more experienced VSA and DSA. The girls played with confidence against DSA, and were able to tie the game at 2-2 but with a more experienced player, the girls fell short. Though, the girls could certainly be proud of their performances as they have improved noticeably since the start of the season to the very last game. Well done ladies!

The U20 Boys Badminton ? team put in a good fight against many tough oppositions and have come a long way in improving their ability to compete and to encourage one another to stay resilient in every game they compete in. Despite not being able to make the playoffs, it was a very good experience for the boys and hopefully another opportunity to improve and to fight for the playoffs in the upcoming seasons. Well done lads!

Our U20 Girls Football ⚽ team made history after reaching the final of the playoffs for the first time ever, with only 1 loss in the 6 games leading to the playoffs. However, the girls fell short to an older and more experienced CIS team but nevertheless received a silver medal ?. For many of them, it was a very good stepping stone to get more experience in playing together to improve as a team and potentially fight for the gold next year. Well done ladies for putting up a really good fight!

The U20 Boys Football ⚽ team were able to compete well, with victories against SIS, DSC and CAIS to get into the playoffs. However, the boys fell short against a more experienced GSIS in the semi finals and fought to the very end against SIS for the third place playoff but unfortunately, luck did not present them a victory on penalties. Nevertheless, the boys could still be proud with their performances across the season as they have made tremendous improvements to beat challenging oppositions which could give them encouragement to regroup next year to do better. Well done to the U20 boys football team!

Finally our Junior and Senior Track & Field ??‍♀️ teams have progressed significantly in their participation across several mini-meetups and most importantly, achieving several medals in the Track & Field Championships against 25 different international schools around Hong Kong. Our Junior team were able to achieve 4 medals on the day, with Natalie picking up 2 gold medals ?? in the U14 100m and 200m Sprint finals, a gold medal ? for Oliver in the U12 Long Jump final and So with a bronze medal ? in the U14 Long Jump final. In our Senior team, Marcus was able to receive a silver medal ? in the U16 Discus final, and Arnold receiving a silver medal ? along with Abrir receiving a bronze medal ? in the U16 High Jump finals.

Thanks to Ms. Abejero, Ms. Brosnan and Mr. Lennan for coaching these amazing athletes and well done to the whole Track and Field team for these impressive results!

Congratulations to all of our student athletes and coaches for all the great achievements in their Season 3 sports teams!

Coach Quinones
U14G Badminton

Coach Spellman
U14B Badminton

Coach Kang
U20G Badminton

Coach Chan
U20B Badminton

Coach Kelly
U20G Football

Coach Bacak
U20B Football

Coach Lennan
Junior/Senior Track & Field

Coach Brosnan
Junior/Senior Track & Field

Coach Abejero
Junior/Senior Track & Field