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AIS Eagles Season 3 Sports Round Up

In Season 3 Athletics, we had a lot of students who joined our sports teams, which really is an impressive achievement. This season, we participated in badminton, football, and track and field. Our students dedicated themselves to honing their skills and improving their techniques in these sports. Along the way, they also developed a strong sense of confidence, teamwork, and trust within their amazing teams. Let’s celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our badminton, football, and track and field Eagles.

Our U14 Boys Badminton team did a fantastic job by securing 5th place. Compared to last year, they showed significant improvement in their game strategy and skills. They worked diligently and approached each match with a strong sense of confidence. Additionally, they had a friendly match with our U20 boys badminton team, and it was an excellent game where both teams performed exceptionally well. Congratulations to our U14 boys badminton team for their outstanding performance!

U14 Girls’ Badminton achieved 5th place, missing the playoffs by just 1 point behind the 4th place. Despite this, the team demonstrated excellent sportsmanship in every game and displayed a strong desire to enhance their skills during each practice. Their teamwork was exceptional, and they fought hard for every point without giving up. We are incredibly proud of the U14 girls’ badminton team. Well done!

U20 Boys’ Badminton had an amazing season! We played many challenging matches and ended up in 5th place. Our players improved a lot compared to last year, and we also added some strong players to our team. We are determined to make it to the playoffs next year!

The U20 Girls’ Badminton team had a successful season and made it to the playoffs this year! We welcomed some new players to our team and our lineup became stronger than last year. Although we gave it our all during the semi-final match, the opposing team performed better than us and we didn’t make it to the final. In the bronze medal match, we competed against DSC and tried out our new strategy. Unfortunately, we lost by just one game. It was an exciting game, and our goal for next year is to strive for a medal.

We had more than 70 students sign up for our Junior & Senior Track & Field team, which is really impressive! This year, our team was stronger and we had many more Eagles participating in the championship. On April 17th, the AIS senior team joined the senior track and field championship, and we won several medals that day. For example, U16 Girls got 1st place in shotput, U20 Boys got 2nd place in high jump, U16 Eagles got 2nd place in high jump, and U16 Girls got 3rd place in long jump. On April 18th, we had the junior track and field championship, and we won a few medals that day as well. U14 Girls got 1st place in shotput and 1st place in discus. Unfortunately, we had to cancel some events because of heavy rain. We rescheduled those events for April 25th, and on that day, our U12 Girls and U14 Boys got 3rd place in long jump. Additionally, our U12 Girls 4 x 100m relay team won a silver medal, and U12 girls got 3rd place overall in the event. We are determined to become even stronger next year and aim for better results.

This year has presented our U20 Girls’ Football team with a new challenge as we moved up to the Gold division. Despite the increased difficulty, we embraced the opportunity and gave our best in every game. We even achieved a remarkable victory, winning a game and scoring three goals in a single match! We are determined to continue pushing ourselves to achieve even greater success next year!

This year, our incredible U20 Boys Football team made it to the playoffs and secured 3rd place, competing against the 2nd place team, STC. We put in a lot of effort, being aggressive and physical right from the start. In the semi-final, we scored 3 goals and won with a score of 3-0. In the playoff final, we faced MCHK and gave our best shot to get 1st place. However, we made a few mistakes and ended up losing with a score of 1-2 in the final, earning the silver medal in the playoffs. This year, we had some stronger football players, which led to a good outcome in the playoffs. We are hopeful to bring the championship banner back next year!

We want to say thank you to all the coaches who have given their time and effort to help our students become good at their chosen sports. Your dedication and support have had a big influence on student’s progress and achievements. We truly value your important contribution to our AIS team.

Ms. Wendy Thomson
U14 Boys Badminton

Ms. Victoria Lo
U14 Girls Badminton

Mr. Eunsup Kang
U20 Girls Badminton

Mr. Jacky Chan
U20 Boys Badminton

Mr. Jose Duran De Sande
U20 Girls Football

Mr. John Paul Tomaque
U20 Boys Football

Mr. Anthony Lennan
Jr/Sr Track & Field

Ms. Jules Brosnan
Jr/Sr Track & Field

Ms. Sheena Abejero
Jr/Sr Track & Field