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AIS Eagles Season 2 Sports Round Up

We’re thrilled to share the amazing achievements of our sports teams in Season 2! Our athletes showed incredible dedication, teamwork, and skill, making a lasting impact on the court. Let’s celebrate the fantastic accomplishments of our basketball and cross-country teams. 

Our U14 Boys Basketball team, with new talent from grades 7 and 8, did incredibly well. They worked together and played their hearts out, making each game unforgettable. The team finished 3rd place in the Kowloon Side Silver Division, just 3 points behind 2nd place. Despite narrowly missing out on a playoff spot by three points, our U14 boys team showcased immense growth and an unbreakable team spirit. Their chemistry was simply electric, fueling their incredible improvement throughout the season.

The U14 Girls’ Basketball team finished the season on a high note, securing an impressive 3rd place in the Silver Division. They displayed remarkable sportsmanship, outstanding teamwork, and made significant improvements throughout the season. Their hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit truly paid off. We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments and the exciting basketball journey they embarked upon. What a great season! 

The U16 Boys Basketball team had an amazing season with many new players joining the team. Throughout the season, they focused on building teamwork and improving their skills. Although they lost in the semi-finals against KCCIS, they learned from their mistakes and made significant improvements on passing and rebound in the bronze medal match against CAIS. In the end, they emerged victorious and won the bronze medal. Congratulations to the U16 Boys Basketball team on their exciting season and well-deserved achievement!

The U20 Girls Basketball team had some new players join this year. Despite the challenges they have faced, the team’s performance has been nothing short of impressive. Their dedication and hard work have paid off as they have consistently shown improvement and growth throughout the past two years. Their commitment to the sport and each other has created a strong bond within the team, fostering a positive and supportive environment. With their remarkable progress, the future looks bright for this talented group of athletes.

The U20 Boys Basketball team had an amazing season this year. They only lost one game throughout the entire season and made it to the playoffs. In the semi-final match against SASHK, they won and discovered areas they needed to improve, like rebounding. In the championship match against CAIS, it was a close game with both teams tied until the third quarter. However, CAIS managed to pull ahead in the fourth quarter and took the victory, with us coming out with the silver medal. Regardless of the result, the U20 boys gave their all and their dedication and passion were truly inspiring. We are proud to have such a fantastic team this year and we can’t wait to see how far we can go next year!

This year, we had double the number of runners compared to last year in our MS/HS Cross Country team. We had more students with MS joining our team, which made us more competitive. We took part in two mini-meets where we made significant progress in our running abilities and achieved personal best times. Throughout the season, we learned various strategies and techniques for running. In the Cross Country Championship, all of our runners performed their fastest times, despite the challenging route. Overall, we had an amazing season and we are hopeful to get even more runners next year!

This year, we started our first ever AIS MS/HS Golf team. We had three players join the team, and we participated in one small tournament. One of our players did exceptionally well and secured a third-place finish in the tournament. Additionally, two of our players qualified to compete in the championship at Kau Sai Chau. Out of a total of 57 students, we achieved 14th and 29th place. We are determined to recruit more talented golfers to join our team next year.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the coaches who have dedicated their time and effort to help our students develop into sportsmanship athletes. Thank you for stepping up and guiding our students on their athletic journey. Your commitment and support have made a significant impact on their growth and success. We appreciate your invaluable contribution to our AIS team.

Ms. Heather Crain
U14 Girls Basketball

Ms. Mollie McHugh
U14 Boys Basketball

Ms. Melody Meyers
U16 Boys Basketball

Mr. Wayne Johnston
U20 Boys Basketball

Mr. Jose Duran De Sande
U20 Girls Basketball

Ms. Gemma Cauchi
Jr/Sr Boys & Girls Cross Country

Mr. Joshua Aebig
Jr/Sr Boys & Girls Cross Country