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Request Record

The American International School recognizes the right of currently enrolled students and families to consider other educational options.

If a transfer is initiated by a family, AIS will provide appropriate documentation and support in a timely manner. However, in lieu of asking teachers and administrators to potentially complete multiple and varying application forms, AIS is pleased to provide school admissions offices with a fully completed standardized AIS Student Profile with Evaluation Form.

Families are asked to download and complete the Request for Student Record Form. Please use this form to request for the AIS Student Profile with evaluation, transcripts, report cards, attendance certificates, and diploma certificates. In the case of students transferring to other schools, all requested information will be sent directly to the respective school’s admission office.

The following student records can be requested through the school office:

  • Teacher Reference
  • Mid-Year Report Card
  • Final Report Card
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate Copy

Please complete the Request for Student Record Form form below and submit this together with the appropriate fees to the school office.