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AIS Voices

In this episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Kim Yaris about learned helplessness and how we can support and empower our children to take agency. Helping children become agents in their learning is a wonderful gift. Agency will help our children become successful problem solvers, communicators, and innovators. They will have the passion and drive to overcome challenges and learn new skills. Most of all, our children will change the world with the gift of agency.

In this episode, I speak with 2 high school students, Parban and Choa along with their High School English Teacher, Miss Kathleen Abel about the rewards of learning outside of the classroom. Traditionally, a majority of learning takes place within the classroom but we are finding that authentic learning experiences outside the classroom is equally, if not more valuable.

Speaking in front of a crowd of people is NOT easy. It is challenging and nerve-wracking at the same time but a necessary skill to learn. At AIS, we want our students to have the confidence to use their voice to share ideas. This was the goal of Mr. Josefino Rivera when he offered high school students the opportunity to join a well known community of TEDx presenters. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Rivera to find out more about TEDx at American International School.

As our global community continues to debate solutions to climate change and limited resources, we know with certainty that we are preparing our children for an unknown future.  Preparing children for the world ahead of them is a challenge all parents and educators face. Helping our children learn HOW to think instead of knowing WHAT to think is the key to their success and confidence as they navigate life experiences. Teaching them to look at problems creatively through different lenses encourages unique and sometimes wild solutions. The possibilities are endless, if we expose our children to diverse approaches toward learning. One approach is STEAM.

When I was young, reading was not my favorite subject in school. I read because my teachers told me to or if I had to do a book report. Throughout my academic years, reading felt like a chore. After many years, I discovered my preferred genre and I ENJOY it immensely. As an educator and parent, I understand the importance of helping children find the joys of reading at a very early age.

What happens when teachers encourage students to step out of their comfort zone? The answer is that our students will grow into people who reflect on their failures and learn how to succeed on future opportunities. Teachers at American International School are providing students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to prepare them for life outside of school. Our goal is to teach children to be confident, well-spoken individuals who welcome challenges. This is our very first episode of AIS Voices and I am extremely excited to share it with you! So, take a seat and enjoy the show!

A podcast run by our ES teacher Mr. Allen Lee, AIS Voices has the goal of giving our students a voice to connect with our community and the world at large.

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