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The Athletic Department supports the mission and vision of the American International School and contributes to the pursuit of our Expected School-wide Learning Results. We believe that a dynamic and competitive athletic program is a key element to the cognitive, social and emotional development of our student athletes.

The competitive sports program supports and extends the regular curricular programs of the school. Its aim is to promote excellence in sporting achievement and to cultivate the qualities of good sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, respect for others, and the ability to win and lose with grace. To this end, our athletes are expected to exhibit the highest standards of responsibility and behavior in their pursuit of sporting excellence.

AIS sports teams compete in the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK). This league consists of 28 leading international schools in the Hong Kong area that compete over 4 eight week seasons of play during a regular school year. At AIS, middle and high school students may participate in the following sports:

Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Badminton, Football, Track and Field, and more.

Our program is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment in order to assist our middle and high school students to meet sporting and academic challenges. We see our athletics program as an integral part of your child’s education and hope that you will encourage your child to take part.

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Season 1 (Aug — Nov)

U14 Boys & Girls Football
U14 & U16 Girls Volleyball
U20 Boys & Girls Volleyball


Season 2 (Nov — Feb)

U14 Boys & Girls Basketball
U16 Boys Basketball
U20 Boys & Girls Basketball
Jr/Sr Boys & Girls Cross Country


Season 3 (Feb — Apr)

U14 Boys & Girls Badminton
U20 Boys & Girls Badminton
U20 Boys & Girls Football
Jr/Sr Boys & Girls Track & Field


Season 4 (Apr — Jun)

U12 Boys & Girls Football
U14 Boys & Girls Touch Rugby
U119 Girls Touch Rugby



2017 — 2018

U20 Boys Volleyball Champions
U14 Girls Volleyball Champions
U16 Boys Basketball Champions
U20 Girls Badminton Champions
U14 Girls Badminton Champions

2016 — 2017

U20 Boys Basketball Champions

2015 — 2016

U16 Boys Basketball Champions
U14 Girls Volleyball Champions
U14 Boys Basketball Champions
U14 Girls Basketball Champions

2014 — 2015

U16 Boys Basketball Champions
U20 Boys Volleyball Champions

2010 — 2011

U14 Boys Basketball Champions
U16 Boys Track & Field Champions
U20 Boys Volleyball Champions

2008 — 2009

U16 Boys Basketball Champions

2006 — 2007

U20 Boys Football Champions
U14 Girls Volleyball Champions
U20 Girls Volleyball Champions

2005 — 2006

U20 Girls Volleyball Champions