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Catch Up with Justin X., AIS Class of 2000

We recently got in touch with former alumnus, Justin Xiao who graduated in 2000. Justin is the former President of the Student Consultative Council during his senior year, and was also a member of the Basketball Team that won the Hong Kong International School League Tournament. Justin also joined us at our 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary in 2011 as a guest speaker. We are grateful for Justin’s continued support as an active member of the AIS community.

How long were you at AIS for?

I was at AIS from 1994 to 2000.

What was your favorite memory or moment from AIS?

It had to be working on the first version of and the encouragement of the teachers and classmates to see it through in 1999. And we won an award for it.

Who was your favorite teacher, and why?

I cannot single out one person. There were many influential teachers and administrators at AIS. Mr. Raybaud, Mr. Ebner and Mrs. Policarprio stand out. When teachers take personal interest and give that extra energy, students respond and their influence is often indelible.

What extracurriculars were you involved in? And how did you balance your time between your studies and play?

SCC (Student Consultative Council) throughout where I was Vice President in 11th grade and President in 12th grade. And of course the Basketball team. Balancing time meant cutting computer games and watching TV altogether.

What are you currently working as of now?

I am the Chief Operating Officer Asia for Railsbank, based in Singapore.

What lessons did you take away from AIS that helped guide you through your journey?

When I was at SCC, I distinctly remember complaining to my mother one day on the way home that it seemed like I was doing 80% of the work and everyone else was there for Free-Dress-Fridays. Bringing people along with you on the journey is something I am still working on today.

As you know, we’ve started this outreach to AIS alumni recently. What are you hoping to gain (or contribute) to the network?

I want to be connected to the school, the alumni, its staff and students with the hope to help cement AIS as a well-recognised, lasting institution in Hong Kong.

“From my experience, the friendships I gained at AIS is much deeper than friends from college and graduate school so spend as much time as you can with your friends.”

What advice can you give to our current students at AIS, especially during these unique times?

Hopefully you will find some time to pursue your passion and side projects. Don’t chase getting into the best college. It’s okay to spend a gap year after graduating. Lastly, from my experience, the friendships I gained at AIS (during my teenage years) is much deeper than friends from college and graduate school so spend as much time as you can with your friends.

If you have anything else you’d like to add about your connection to AIS, please feel free!

I feel I gained a lot from AIS and am still proud of some accomplishments however small. I was reminiscing with a classmate a while back and after 20 years, he still appreciates the SCC changing the school uniform design so students didn’t have to tuck in shirts. And when I think back to the teachers, it’s as if it was yesterday, hearing Ms. Salma demanding “Maintenant ou!” after giving instructions, Mr. Gurr yelling “Can Change!” across the courtyard at the end of his class, Mr. Stammie barking “Turn-off!” to get the class to be quiet and Mr. Raybaud dismissively saying “Pah pah pah pah pa…”(does he still do this? (AIS: Yes, he does!)) and it makes me smile every time!


As we approach our 35th anniversary, one of our goals is to reconnect our strong alumni community. Please stay tuned for more alumni stories and events. If you are interested in connecting with our network, please email us.