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Tuition & Fees

Remaining true to our founding mission of providing an affordable option for families seeking an American international educational program in Hong Kong, AIS, unlike most other international schools has instinctively resisted the introduction of a debenture scheme.

Please see the table below for the 2023–2024 tuition fees of the American International School of Hong Kong. 

AIS Tuition Fee
Annual Fee
(due 1 Aug)
4 installments (due
Aug 1, Nov 1, Feb 1, May 1)
Early Childhood 1 HK$92,320 HK$23,080
Early Childhood 2
– Grade 1 Junior
HK$137,800 HK$34,450
Grade 1 – Grade 4 HK$139,000 HK$34,750
Grade 5 – Grade 8 HK$149,400 HK$37,350
Grade 9 – Grade 12 HK$164,000 HK$41,000

In addition to tuition fees, payment of other fees such as uniforms, usage fees, activity fees, OELP trip fees, and field trips are required before student registration is complete. Fees vary according to the grade levels. 

Please note that AIS holds parents, not employers, to be liable for all school fees and other payments due to the school. Where payments are made by employers, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the company makes payment. If a place is accepted at AIS and the child does not attend the school, the fee deposit will be forfeited.

Fees paid after due date or returned (bounced) payment will be subject to bank charges and/or the school’s administration charges.


Local and overseas families may pay all payments to the American International School (i.e. admissions application fee, tuition deposit, etc. if a child is accepted) via e-payment or telegraphic transfer using the following bank information:

The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC)

Account Name: American International School

Account Number: 004-502-861560-001

(omit 004 when transferring from a Hong Kong HSBC account)

Bank Address: HSBC, 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong


To ensure payments are properly credited to the designated student, please forward a copy of the e-payment record or telegraphic transfer with the student name, applied grade, and payment items (i.e. admissions application fee, tuition deposit, etc.) to

Please include any bank or wire transfer charges in the payment, the amount of fee received by the school shall be net of charges.


Capital Levy is applicable to all students admitted for the academic year 2013-14 and onwards, including those with siblings already enrolled in the school. The Annual Capital Levy is as follows:

  • First child: HK$12,000
  • Second child: HK$8,000
  • For each additional child: HK$6,000

The Annual Capital Levy is payable in full and is neither fully, nor partially refundable.


The school recognizes the right of currently enrolled students and families to consider other educational options, and if a transfer is initiated by the family, the school will provide appropriate documentation and support in a timely manner, including reminding the family of any policies related to contractual obligations to the school.

It is important for families to realize before they enroll in the American International School that any partial refund of tuition fees will only be possible if the school receives a minimum of three months advance notice in writing of any withdrawal. If a family withdraws a student without giving the required written notification at least three months in advance of withdrawing, the total number of days short of the notice period will be calculated as tuition fees with the outstanding amount payable to the school.