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Safeguarding at AIS

The American International School’s founding values – Justice, Knowledge, and Love – remain the hallmarks of an AIS education. It is our responsibility as educators to promote the optimal intellectual, physical, emotional, and social well-being of each child at AIS.

We believe that children have the right to protection from harm, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. As educators in a global community, we have a collective commitment, responsibility, and duty to protect students and provide a safe and secure learning environment. To fulfill this duty of care, AIS has committed to embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines into the overall operations of the school.

To ensure student safety and well-being, schools need to be aware of and have the frameworks to respond to the needs of each child. The purpose of this policy is to outline AIS’s preventative measures, to clarify our common definitions of abuse, and to articulate clear guidelines and procedures, which provide a framework for supporting the rights of all children to be protected as well as responding appropriately in cases of suspected abuse.


The aim of a policy for child protection is for all children within our care to be safe and well. It also enables faculty to feel more confident and clear about the part they play in the protection of children. The policy also helps AIS to support the rights of all children to be protected, rather than just responding to specific cases of abuse.


To maintain a safe and secure campus, AIS has one main gate through which all persons coming on campus enter and exit. The main gate is staffed at all times by contracted professional security personnel. Security personnel monitor the gate as well as the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, which are located throughout AIS’s campus. To further secure our environment, all AIS faculty wear photo identification name tags, and guests must register with security upon entering campus and wear a guest lanyard in a visible location while on school grounds.