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Who We Are

Recognized for its positive, student-centered approach to teaching and learning, AIS values the sense of community within the school. The school emblem, the Eagle, is a universal symbol of strength, endurance and pride that unites everyone in our community under the motto: Justice, Knowledge and Love.

Our founder Dr. Thomas Liang believed in the power of education to change lives. In 1986, Dr. Liang established AIS to give students a unique American international school experience that would prepare them for admission to schools, colleges and universities in the United States. 30+ years later, our founding values – Justice, Knowledge, and Love – remain the hallmarks of an AIS education. AIS is proud of its small-school feel and the shared sense of belonging amongst students, teachers and parents. In addition to our rigorous academic program we know our strong sense of family is important to prospective parents.

An important element in the educational experience we offer at AIS is our single closed campus. We are a ‘through-train’ school, which means the children in our Early Childhood and Elementary School are on the same campus as our Middle School and High School students. This provides AIS with the capacity to build a seamless transition between the respective school divisions. Indeed, at AIS we place great importance on providing effective support for those key transition stages that all children experience as they progress through school.

As a single campus school our students and teachers cross paths every day. Our younger students enjoy seeing older students in their world. Likewise, our older students recognise they are powerful role models for the younger grades. This has helped us build a school climate that is both respectful and caring. This resonates strongly with our families who feel their children are part of one school.

We also understand the educational landscape is changing. Accelerated by technology and powerful structural shifts in the global economy, significant changes in the work we do in school is already underway. Fuelled by research, technology and school innovation, we’re on an exciting journey to make school truly relevant for our students. Our new Future Framework identifies not only the pursuit of confidence, but also emphasises the importance of social, personal and applied learning. We’re proud of our bold vision for the future and excited by the possibilities ahead.

Dr. Thomas T.S. Liang

Founder of American International School

The warmest and most affectionate community.

Although AIS does not feature the largest community, this community without a doubt is the warmest and most affectionate community I have ever been in.


Class of 2015

The best high school life I could ask for.

AIS wasn't just a place of integrating knowledge. It was a place with great friends and teachers who provided me with the best high school life I could ask for. I regret moments not fully appreciating the warm atmosphere within these red brick walls.


Class of 2015

Close-knit community that lends beauty to our school.

Out of all the lessons I've learnt at the American International School, the paramount lesson must certainly be the ability to love. Many may criticize AIS for its humble size; yet, it is exactly the close-knit community that lends beauty to our school.


Class of 2015

The spirit of cooperation at AIS has helped me grow.

It was no accident being at AIS. The spirit of cooperation at AIS has helped me grow. I want to thank AIS for providing me opportunities to explore my potential.


Class of 2015

Friends and teachers became family.

I miss AIS because friends and teachers became family at the end. Teachers took really good care of students. And the students that I met then are still my best friends now. I also miss the Cultural Fair too.

Jasper Y.

Class of 2012

AIS is truly like a family.

Thank you AIS for giving me many worthwhile moments in AIS. AIS is truly like a family and I’m sure this kind of connection between students-to-students and students-to-teachers cannot be easily found.


Class of 2012

I want to relive Adventure Weeks with everyone again!

The deans were always there to talk about anything, whether it be school-related or not. I want to relive Adventure Weeks with everyone again! My advice to younger students is enjoy your time at AIS. It may not seem like the best of times, but really, it IS!


Class of 2013

Tight bonds and relationships bring out the best of AIS.

I’ll miss AIS because it’s been like another family for me for the past 7 years. The community is so small that everyone would know anyone and the tight bonds and relationships bring out the best of AIS.


Class of 2012

I thank AIS for being such an important part of my life.

I thank AIS for being such an important part of my life. The teachers and students here have truly changed my life and made who I am today. I'm truly grateful for that.


Class of 2013

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

At AIS, we define our educational program by our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). This set of expectations, developed through a collaborative process involving students, families, teachers and administrators, articulates what each student should know, understand and be able to do upon leaving AIS. Working from our ESLRs, our educational program equips all students with the knowledge, competencies, and orientations needed for success in a thinking, meaning-centered curriculum. ESLRs guide teachers towards implementing programs and conditions that maximize learning success for all students in a standards-based curriculum.


A global citizen, who:

— Values and respects diversity

— Makes a positive difference to the lives of others

— Assumes responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants

— Is action-oriented

An empowered thinker, who:

— Accesses and critically evaluates information

— Demonstrates flexibility, creativity, and innovation

— Applies learning to real life situations

— Is reflective

An effective communicator, who:

— Listens actively for understanding

— Organizes ideas to produce clear and coherent writing

— Uses appropriate media to convey a message

— Is articulate

A well-rounded individual, who:

— Leads an active, balanced, and healthy lifestyle

— Embraces new opportunities and challenges

— Works well independently and collaboratively

— Is engaged