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Important Family & Student Update 3 May

Dear Parents and Students,

What sculpture is to a block of marble, 

education is to a human soul.

Joseph Addison

Teacher Appreciation Week, 6-10 May

Next week marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and, on behalf of the Leadership Team, I would like to take this opportunity to express our collective gratitude for the genuine dedication and outstanding work of our AIS Faculty. We see how their impact extends beyond the classroom and counseling room doors. They mentor, coach, cheerlead, advocate, nurture, and inspire the unique talents and aspirations of each student in their care, and their compassion, patience, and continuous dedication creates safe spaces where students can be themselves and realize their potential.

AIS Faculty instill our Core Values of Justice, Knowledge, and Love, and they offer learning experiences that foster empathy, resilience, and integrity, shaping our students into well-rounded individuals who can take on the complexities of this world. They not only teach, they inspire dreams, ignite passions, and their special ability to see the potential in every student has a lasting impact, that is, in reality, beyond measure. In truth, teachers deserve much more than a week but rather a lifetime of recognition.

As a small token of our appreciation, the Leadership Team has partnered with you, our PTA, to share a little AIS Love. Next week, we have planned a special event every day to express our shared gratitude for the exceptional impact our teachers have on our students.

We thought you might appreciate knowing how our teachers will be recognized, but please don’t hesitate to share a thoughtful note, email, or card with our amazing faculty as well.

Schedule – 6-10 May








Each division is coordinating this day’s activity




Popcorn Day




Gift Vouchers






10 May



Inclement Weather

It is that time of year when the weather can be quite unpredictable, and is therefore a good time to remind families of our protocols and practices related to weather procedures at AIS. You are kindly reminded to do a few things to ensure that you are prepared for inclement weather and familiar with our procedures.

  1. First, be sure to check your AIS email and our website for important notifications about weather-related events and their impact on school. Links to the Hong Kong Weather Observatory and Education Bureau, whose guidance we follow when inclement weather occurs, are also linked on our website.
  2. Second, please review the Emergency Dismissal Procedures instructions you have provided in PowerSchool, as we follow the dismissal procedures you have provided to guide our practice. These instructions in PowerSchool are especially important when the Red or Black Rain signal is issued or a Typhoon Signal 8-10 is raised. To check your instructions on file, simply sign into PowerSchool on a computer.
    • Select “Demographic Info” from the menu on the left
    • Scroll down to “Dismissal Information” and see “Emergency Dismissal Procedure”
    • If any changes are needed, complete the “Student Information Change Request Form” at the top of the page using an AIS Parent/Guardian email account.

Here are the Divisional PowerSchool guides for your convenience.

Parents Make The Difference

The May issues of Parents Make the Difference newsletters are here and ready to use. As always, these valuable resources serve as excellent tools to assist you in helping your child build skills appropriate for each age and stage of their educational journey.

Make sure to check out page 3 of the High School edition, where you will find ideas for outdoor activities that can help alleviate stress and enhance your child’s learning. Additionally, on page 4 of the Middle School edition, you can find some helpful tips that provide opportunities for enjoyable family experiences.

I highly recommend exploring the Daily Learning Planners as they offer valuable suggestions to facilitate dialogue and strengthen your bond with your children. Feel free to utilize these resources and enjoy meaningful interactions with your children.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Planner

Elementary School

Elementary School Planner

Middle School

Middle School Planner

High School

High School Planner

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School