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Important Community Update 12 April

Dear Parents and Students,

I am writing today to make you aware of upcoming changes to our Leadership Team in the fall. It is with a mix of sadness and anticipation that I write, as it is difficult to say goodbye to those we work closely with, while preparing ourselves to embrace the possibilities that new people bring. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the range of feelings that accompanies such change, and to be clear that it is natural to feel a mix of emotions during this transitional time.


Fond Farewells

To begin, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our departing Leadership Team members. Their contributions, dedication, and camaraderie have left a lasting mark on our team. We have shared incredible experiences and formed strong bonds. Without question, we will miss their unique personalities and the valuable insights they brought to our collective efforts.

First, our long-standing High School Principal, Mr. Mike Wing, will be moving on from AIS after serving the school for 19 years, originally as a Humanities Teacher and then as High School Principal. AIS has been his second home for nearly two decades, and his ongoing contributions to our school community will continue to inspire generations of students. Ms. Morrison, our Elementary School Principal, will be returning to her home country this summer, after three memorable years at AIS, having joined our school during an incredibly challenging time. Mr. Matt Wise, our Director of Educational Technology and former Early Childhood Teacher, will also be heading to his home country with his family, after 10 years of loyal service at AIS. 

These wonderful school leaders will be missed by the AIS community, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for their commitment and service to our school and their tireless dedication to our students, families, faculty, and staff. I know I speak for us all when I say that we wish each of them every success as they head out on their next adventures. May the road ahead be good to you all.

Warm Welcomes

It is now my pleasure to introduce the new members of the Leadership Team who will be joining us for the 2024-2025 school year. We look forward to embracing their fresh perspectives, diverse talents, and unique experiences. Their arrival signifies the start of a new chapter, bringing new possibilities, opportunities for growth, and the chance to forge new connections and collaborations. We are eager to welcome them into our team and create a supportive and inclusive environment where they can share the many gifts they bring with them to their new positions.

Please take a moment to learn about our newest Leadership Team members for the 2024-2025 school year through their biographies below.

Andy Ris
High School Principal 2024-2025

Andy Ris is incredibly honored and excited to join the AIS community in August for the 2024-2025 school year. He has spent his career thus far in international schools in the region, most recently as the High School Principal of Asia Pacific International School in Seoul, South Korea. He has also taught history and humanities and served in a number of administrative and student life centered positions in both Shanghai and Hawaii, USA.

In this time, he’s developed a passion for experiential, real world learning opportunities both inside school and beyond. Some of his favorite conversations are those where he can join students and teachers to find meaningful answers to that age old question: “Why are we learning this?” He earned a master’s degree in International Education Administration from Endicott College and a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Pittsburgh. He comes from a family of proud educators and grew up on various school campuses in the Northeastern USA. He loves traveling, trying new foods, enjoying life by the water, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and two young daughters.

Dr. Aaron Baumgartner

Elementary School Principal 2024-2025

Aaron Nelson Baumgartner, EdD, has served AIS with pride for the past four years, initially joining AIS as the Elementary Assistant Principal and proudly representing our school mascot, E the Eagle. Working closely with our students and their families Dr. Baumgartner has built meaningful relationships with our students, parents, and wider school community. He is deeply committed to fostering a positive and nurturing environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. With his ongoing peer-reviewed research on parental satisfaction, he aims to gain a more profound and precise understanding of the factors contributing to a fulfilling educational experience for our students and their families.

As the Elementary Eagle, he eagerly looks forward to continuing his journey and to contributing to student growth and success by fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. His door will always be open to hear your voice and foster our Core Values of Justice, Knowledge, and Love. Dr. Baumgartner is committed to developing an environment where every child can soar to new heights. He is grateful for your continued support and excited about the future.

JP Tomaque
Director of Educational Technology 2024-2025

Mr. John Paul Tomaque graduated from Don Bosco Technical College with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He then joined the academic industry in 2012 where he taught computer-related courses, becoming an Apple Certified Associate and trainer when he joined the Apple Authorized Training Center in 2014. Mr. Tomaque returned to Don Bosco Technical College in 2016 and started teaching Digital Media Technology courses.

In 2019, Mr. Tomaque completed his Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Educational Leadership and Management from St. Paul University Manila, Philippines and assumed a new role as the Assistant Vice President for Research and Training. In 2021, he became the Managing Director for Don Bosco Educational Center Philippines, the main office of all Don Bosco schools in the country. In 2022, he joined Domuschola International School – an IB World School, where he taught Digital Literacy courses. As a lifelong learner, he continues to deepen his understanding and skills in the field of education and technology, which has led him to pursue further studies at the University of Sunderland.

Mandy Kaur

Elementary School Assistant Principal


Mandy Kaur is an experienced educator who is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of children. Throughout her 19-year career in education, including 9 years in a leadership position, she has had the opportunity to work in various types of schools and with diverse learners, including those with special needs. These experiences have provided her with a wealth of knowledge in different curriculums and teaching approaches.

She has recently been serving as an early years principal. Ms. Kaur strongly believes in the importance of hands-on experiences, love, and care in building children’s confidence and fostering their overall development. Additionally, she is proud to be a parent at the American International School since last year. This firsthand experience as an AIS parent has given her valuable insights into the school community and its values. She is thrilled to be joining the AIS community as the Elementary Assistant Principal next year and looks forward to being a part of our wonderful school.

We genuinely look forward to learning with and from these new members of the AIS Leadership Team, and are confident that their knowledge, skills, and experience will enrich the collective capacity of our team. Please join me in making them feel welcome.

Parents Make The Difference

The April issues of Parents Make the Difference newsletters are here and ready to use. As always,  these valuable resources serve as excellent tools to assist you in helping your child build skills appropriate for each age and stage of their educational journey.

Be sure to check out page 4 of the Early Childhood edition, where you will find valuable information on how to help your child understand time. Additionally, on page 3 in the high school edition, you can find some tips to help your kids stay awake during study time.

I highly recommend exploring the Daily Learning Planners, as they provide valuable suggestions to foster dialogue and strengthen the connection with your children. Feel free to take advantage of these resources and enjoy enriching interactions with your children.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Planner

Elementary School

Elementary School Planner

Middle School

Middle School Planner

High School

High School Planner

As always, please reach out to me or your divisional principals if you need anything at all.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School