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11.17 Family & Student Update

Dear Parents and Students,

Our High School students are having an absolutely wonderful time on their amazing Outdoor Educational Leadership Program (OELP) adventures. If you have not followed our AIS OELP social media account @OELPAIS on X (formerly Twitter), you are missing out on a wonderful window of insight into what this special program offers students at American International School.

Giving back to the wider global community changes our students, as they authentically experience first hand how others around the world live. A fantastic mix of helping others, challenging themselves, and having good old-fashioned fun, our students are stretched in every way possible, and they are forever changed by the experience. Here are just a few images from the last few days.





Chiang Mai

Hong Kong #1


Hong Kong #2

This week our Middle School students also headed out on their OELP adventures, and the excitement on Wednesday morning was palpable! They are making their way back to campus as I type, and I look forward to seeing them all again on Tuesday morning. Pictures of their adventures will be shared soon.

Winter Fair Tickets

Winter Fair tickets will be sent home next Friday, 24 November and are due back to school on or before Friday, 1 December. Be sure to look out for them, as they are valuable and are considered cash. Wish all of the wonderful prizes on offer this year, I know you’ll want to be sure to get yours right away. You may also wish to consider ordering more before the fair, as the price goes up the day of the fair.


Although it was incredibly difficult to choose, our finalists this year are:

Ailivonia Poon
Grade 4

Ashley Yau
Grade 2

Athena Sze
Grade 6

Bella Yi Wong
Grade 7

Chester Li
Grade 4

Cindy Lang
Grade 9

Daniel Wong
Grade 10

Eliza Taing Grade 3
Liyana Alam Grade 3

Jenny Park
Grade 5

Maja Fu Grade 4
Flora Chau Grade 4

Victoria Wu
Grade 2

Anna Leung
Grade 10

Fletcher Burling
Grade 5

Lydia Gao
Grade 5

Saura Srivastava
Grade 5

Winter Fair Banner
By Panny Sum Yuet Pan – Grade 5

Middle School Poster
By Angela Yang – Grade 7

High School Poster
By Louis Lei – Grade 10

Elementary School Poster
By Dorothy Law – Grade 2

Mark Your Calendars!

Please be sure to make note of these important dates next week. On Monday, 20 November, we have a student holiday. Report Cards going out on Thursday, 23 November, followed by a Charitable Free Dress Day on Friday, 24 November for a wonderful long-standing AID charity – Crossroads. There is also an SAT on Saturday, 25 November for those students scheduled to sit this assessment. There is never a dull moment!

PTA Plans

Our wonderful PTA is planning an evening social for faculty and staff to enjoy when we return after the Winter Break on Friday, 19 January from 4:45 – 7:00 pm. Please save the date! More details to follow soon.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend ahead.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School