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06.16 Family & Student Update

Dear Families and Students,

As we bring to a close the final full week of the school year, I cannot help but reflect on the academic year that we have shared together. From Winter Fair to Gold Medal sports team wins, to student art that’s literally gone into space, and impressive university acceptances, we have achieved great things together. Our students are simply the best, and we are blessed to have such supportive parents, students, faculty, and staff in our learning community.

NEW PTA Executive Committee Members

I am pleased to announce the newly elected members of our PTA Executive Committee for the upcoming academic year. We congratulate them on their appointments and look forward to working with them to further our school’s mission and goals. As always, we encourage all AIS parents to get involved with the PTA and help make a difference in our school. Please join us in welcoming the following individuals to their new positions:

Jane Lam

Lesley Wong

Colly Ng
Sourcing Executive

Anupama Sheregar
General Executive

Wing Xiaoying Zhai

Of course we would like to thank our outgoing Executive Committee for their terrific support this school year. We are grateful to Ms. Bonnie Lee, our PTA President, Ms. Grace Chen and Ms. Lisa Li, our Co-Vice-Presidents, Ms. Sophie Koh, our Treasurer, and Ms. Gloria Chau, our Sourcing Executive. On behalf of all AIS students, faculty, families, and staff, THANK YOU!!

Charitable Free Dress Day

Monthly Charitable Free Dress Days are a special tradition at our school. Regularly monthly giving emphasizes and models the importance of charity and of recognizing and supporting worthy causes and those less fortunate, both in our community and around the world. This year, we fundraised for a variety of charities, including Hong Kong Community Chest, Animals Asia, the Nepal Moonlight Foundation, Operation Santa Claus, the St. James Settlement, the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, BEAM International, and the Home of Loving Faithfulness (HOLF). Together,  we raised HK$107,021.90 as a community. We can be proud of the difference we are making in the lives of others.

Looking forward to the new 2023-2024 School Year & More

Our first day of school is Thursday, 10 August. Registration, both online and in person, begins on Friday, 28 July and continues until Friday, 4 August. Please mark the dates in your calendar to ensure that your children are properly registered, in order to begin classes on time. Kindly check your AIS email in mid-July for important registration messages and details. Finally, families are reminded that school fees are due on or before 1 August. The new fee schedule is below for your reference.

(DUE AUG 1, NOV 1, FEB 1, MAY 1)
Early Childhood 1 HK$92,320 HK$23,080
Early Childhood 2 – Grade 1 Junior HK$137,800 HK$34,450
Grade 1 – Grade 4 HK$142,000 HK$35,500
Grade 5 – Grade 8 HK$152,760 HK$38,190
Grade 9 – Grade 12 HK$167,720 HK$41,930

Summer Learning Spotlight

Summers are wonderful times of play, adventure, exploration, and novelty, as students experience new things, travel, visit family and friends, and much more. At the same time, our parents are keen to provide their children with meaningful learning to maintain engagement and essential knowledge and skills during the break.

The Summer Learning Spotlight on Math and Reading from our Parents Make The Difference resources are one way to meet that need. These fantastic publications are ready to share and linked below for your convenience. Please feel free to promote and share them with your parents and families in your summer messages.

Early Childhood/Elementary School Summer Learning Spotlight on Math

Early Childhood/Elementary School Summer Learning Spotlight on Reading

Middle School/High School Summer Learning Spotlight on Math

Middle School/High School Summer Learning Spotlight on Reading

Happy Weekend.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School