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Excellent AP Results

We are proud to reflect upon the outstanding success our students achieved with many wonderful AP results from the last school year. The class of 2022 were well prepared, and have ended up matriculating to some fabulous universities around the world. It takes a lot of hard work to reach these dreams, but it is also thanks to our dedicated faculty and their instructional support as well as our diligent and supportive counselors and a result of the well planned university guidance program we provide through the high school at AIS. 

For families who are unfamiliar with the AP Program, students who earn these specialized AP credits receive priority admission to colleges and universities around the world. They are also granted university and college credits before they even begin their post-secondary programs. That way, they enter university with credits already granted, allowing them the freedom to accelerate their college and university programming. AP is a truly unique opportunity that AIS is proud to offer.

AP is a truly unique opportunity that AIS is proud to offer.

We would like to applaud the consistency of high level performance that our students achieved in their AP exams from May 2022. It is impressive to note how many students finished with the very top result of an AP score of 5. Of the 29 AP scholars with distinction it is amazing to note that 8 of these students returned to us as current seniors for this year. Additionally, although not shown here, it is worth noting that 33 students in Grade 9 or Grade 10 took 55 AP exams last year. These students averaged a score of 4 proving that when a student is ready, they tend to do well regardless of age! This also goes to vindicate one of the benefits of the American education system, presenting students with chances to take college level courses when they are ready, and not just stacking up all the pressure until their final year / G12, as is the case with IB and local exam systems!