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09.23 Family & Student Update

Dear Parents and Students,

It is clear from my conversations and observations that our students have now settled nicely into the new school year, and they are engaged in deep learning – and fun – throughout the school day. You would be proud of the ways they interact with each other, the kindness I witness between students at every age and stage, and the enthusiasm our students clearly have for being here at school. It is also such a pleasure to watch students practice sports during ECAs once again. Today’s Elementary School House Cup was truly joyful!

Outstanding Achievement

It is my honor to share with you that on Saturday, 17 September, I received wonderful news from the College Board that Qiaorou Ji’s (Yuki’s) performance on the Advanced Placement (AP®) 2-D Art and Design Exam in May 2022 was so superior that it fell into a very select category – a Perfect AP Score! The College Board went on to state that Yuki had not only achieved a perfect score of 5, but she was also one of only 197 students from around the world to earn every possible point available – the maximum score – on each portion of the exam!

For those unfamiliar with Advanced Placement, students in the program have a unique opportunity to earn college credits while in High School. That means that students start college having already earned one or more university credits, depending on the number of AP courses they achieved in High School. In fact, colleges and universities around the world not only grant college credits, but they consider participation in the program during the admission process, giving AP students a distinct advantage over other applicants.

It is clear that Yuki’s accomplishment is cause for celebration and is testimony to the hard work and dedication of our students – Congratulations!! This significant achievement also speaks to the high quality of instruction at American International School, and we are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Yuki’s teacher, Ms. Lynsey Reeves for providing her students with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to excel in this college level course. To learn more about AP, please visit

Friendly Reminder – Update your Records

A gentle reminder to please share any changes to your child’s vaccination or COVID-19 status with us. Please use this FORM to update the school about your students’ vaccination records or this FORM to report an infection.

For additional details about the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, please refer to the website: If you have questions, speak to your Divisional Principal or contact the CHP directly at 2833-0111.

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School