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08.19 Family & Student Update

Dear Parents and Students,

How fantastic to have completed our first full week of school this year! It’s been absolutely wonderful to see our students again and to be able to facilitate learning on campus. We hosted Middle and High School student assemblies this week, as well as Early Childhood and Elementary School Parent Orientation sessions. We are more than excited to be back!

Our students are happily experiencing social, personal, and applied learning opportunities!

Educational Technology Message – iPad Roll Out

Parents and guardians in Grades 3-8 are asked to review the message you will receive today about our iPad rollout. We are excited about the devices students are using this year and looking forward to showcasing the many new ways students are able to demonstrate their learning. It is clear to see that they are deeply engaged in exploring their new devices and eagerly learning about the many new ways they can ‘show what they know’ while developing their Creative Confidence.

We look forward to hosting parent webinars and to showcasing more student learning in the weeks to come!

Morning Entry

Next week, Monday 22 August, we will be introducing a new entry lane for bussed students. Since California Coach bussed students already sanitize their hands and have their RATs and temperatures checked when they board the bus, they can enter the school directly each morning. This new procedure will improve the flow on Waterloo Road and the entry time for all students. California Coach bussed students will enter according to the graphic below, and bus mothers will help students learn the new procedure next week.


As you would imagine, daily attendance is essential to improved student learning and wellbeing. By being in class and participating in social, personal, and applied learning experiences, AIS students acquire new knowledge and skills, and learn important life lessons in a positive and engaging environment.

Despite our best efforts, being at school every day is not always possible, for a variety of reasons. The recent increase in COVID cases in the city, for example, has given rise to higher case numbers in the community and at school, which naturally impacts daily attendance in schools across the city.

The Education Bureau (EDB) and Hong Kong Government have recently shared new guidelines for schools to follow related to the new LeaveHomeSafe app color coding system.

At the same time, we have also made some adjustments to our attendance practices. Since students come to school every day with a negative RAT, we are no longer requiring a doctor’s note when students return to school after being home ill; however, if families want their student’s absence(s) to be authorized, they will need to provide medical documentation. Please make careful note of the rules that apply to schools and to the practices that we will adopt by carefully reviewing the table below:

Absences Due to Illness
  • Student absences can be authorized if official medical documentation is provided within 2 school days of when the student returns to school. Official documentation includes (but is not limited to) items such as quarantine orders, isolation orders, recovery certificates, photos of RATs, and medical notes. Proof (pictures) must be sent to
  • Absences without official medical documentation cannot be authorized.
Absences Due to Covid
If a STUDENT tests positive (+)

With 0 or 1 vaccinations

  • The student can return to school with PROOF of a negative RAT on DAY 13 & 14 or when the next two subsequent negative (–) RATs are achieved. Proof (pictures) must be sent to

With 2, 3 or 4 shots + 14 days

  • The student can return to school with PROOF of a negative RAT on DAY6 & 7 or when the next two subsequent negative (–) RATs are achieved. Proof (pictures) must be sent to
If a STUDENT is a Close Contact

  • According to the EDB and CHP, close contacts are now defined as COVID positive (+) individuals that students come into contact with OUTSIDE of the school environment. This typically occurs when a person in their household tests positive for COVID-19 or when they are notified by the CHP that they are considered a close contact as a result of other activities in the community. Families are asked to carefully follow the directions provided by the CHP and to share this notification with the school by emailing
Absences Related to the Amber Vaccine Pass Code

If a PARENT, GUARDIAN, VISITOR, or HELPER has an AMBER Vaccine Pass Code on the LeaveHomeSafe App:

  • They are not permitted to come on campus, including for drop off and pick up. This is to ensure that every measure possible is taken to keep our community safe.

If a STUDENT has an AMBER Code Status (due to travel or other government restrictions):

  • Students in EC1 – Grade 8 cannot attend school due to space and personnel limitations required for individual supervision related to eating and drinking throughout the school day.
  • Students in Grade 9 – 12 can attend school; however, they must leave campus (with parent permission) to eat and drink, as required, during regularly scheduled breaks and lunch.
All Other Absences
  • Student absences can be authorized if official documentation is provided within 2 school days of when the student returns to school.Proof (pictures) must be sent to

Eagle-i Blog!

Be sure to visit our newest Eagle-i blog and get to know our new Head of Counselling, Mr. Aaron Louderback! He’s excited to be here at American International School, and brings a wonderful range of knowledge and skills to the role.

We know that you will appreciate getting to know him a bit better!

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are delighted to be able to offer clubs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities this year to students with 2 or more vaccine short + 14 days, and we are optimistic that an excellent range of activities will be made available to our students this year. Be sure to keep your eyes out for messages from your Divisional Principals regarding the options available, and keep your vaccination records up to date HERE to ensure that students are eligible to participate.

On behalf of the Leadership Team, I want to assure you that we understand that it can be challenging to keep up with the changes that continue to be made in response to the pandemic, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.

I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School