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College Prep Day 2021

On Tuesday, 26 October 2021, AIS facilitated the High School College Prep Day. This annual AIS event focuses on supporting High School students to explore higher education options and to take steps towards university admissions. 

College Prep Day was launched with the AIS MaiaLearning Virtual University Fair. The virtual fair was organized by AIS in partnership with MaiaLearning, a College & Career Planning Platform used in over 65 countries to streamline and manage the career and university planning process. All AIS High School students had the opportunity to engage in five different sessions offered by university representatives across the globe, including:

United States
Baylor University   •   Beloit College   •   Bentley University   •   Boston University   •   Brandeis University   •   Bucknell University   •   Chapman University   •   Dickinson College   •   Elon University   •   Fordham University   •   Indiana University Bloomington   •   Johns Hopkins University   •   Michigan State   •   The New School   •   Northeastern   •   Purdue University   •   Rollins College   •   Rutgers University   •   Santa Clara University   •   Savannah College of Art and Design   •   Tulane University   •   University of California-Davis   •   University of California-Santa Barbara   •   University of California-Santa Cruz   •   University of Chicago   •   University of Vermont   •   University of Washington-Seattle   •   University of Wisconsin-Madison
Temple University Japan   •   Waseda University
Monash University   •   University of Melbourne
Brock University   •   McMaster University   •   Ryerson University   •   Simon Frasier   •   University of British Columbia   •   University of Waterloo   •   Western University   •   York University
University College Utrecht
United Kingdom
Durham University   •   Northumbria University   •   University of Bath   •   University of Birmingham   •   University of Glasgow   •   University of Manchester   •   University of Nottingham   •    University of Sheffield   •   University of Surrey   •   University of Warwick   •   University of York

The fair was attended by 482 participants across six secondary schools, including American International School, Canadian International School, Chinese International School, International Christian School, Hong Kong International School, Korean International School and South Island School. 




secondary schools

To prepare for the fair, AIS students researched the participating universities, created a schedule of universities to visit and reviewed professional etiquette skills, such as how to ask a meaningful question. Many of the university representatives attending the fair will read the AIS student applications to their institutions and make the admission decision. Therefore, making a good impression upon and connecting with representatives supports the student’s university application process. 

Students in grade 9 and 10 were scheduled in a pre-selected group of universities that represented a diverse cross section of institutions from three to four different country systems ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities. Following feedback from last year, students in grade 9 and 10 were given time to select at least one university of their choice.


indicated that attending a pre-selected list of universities was positive as it helped them learn more about university options


surveyed indicated a neutral position on attending the pre-selected universities

Students in grade 11-12 were encouraged to engage with a diverse group of universities of their choice. Grade 12 students were encouraged to attend universities that they were applying to get a better sense of the school and to connect with the university representative. From our post-fair survey, we were able to gather feedback on the day. 


indicated that the fair helped develop their confidence in talking with university representatives


agreed or strongly agreed that the fair was productive and helpful


felt the fair helped them learn about higher educational options

Planning for the fair provides many wonderful opportunities for the counseling team at AIS to collaborate and connect with university representatives. Nurturing these relationships helps raise awareness of our school and provides AIS students with individualized care on the university side of the admissions process.

Thanks again for organizing the virtual university fair. I can't imagine all of the work that went into this and it was a success from our perspective.

Chinese International School

Marc Marier, University Counsellor

That was one of the most useful fairs I've done! Good turnout, works wonderfully with the six slots and good questions and serious interest. Very much worth getting up at 2am for.

Utrecht University

Kim Zwitserloot, International Student Recruitment

Thanks for all your incredible work on the fair, Kris!! We really appreciate your invitation to join. We definitely had students engaging with admissions reps today and taking the opportunity to be in the fair.

Hong Kong International School

Beth Contreras, High School Counselor

This is just a brief email to say thanks to you and your colleagues for a very well organised event. I look forward to seeing you again at future Hong Kong school fairs.

University of York

Joseph Swan, Regional Manager

PSAT 8-Week Prep Class

Following the AIS MaiaLearning Virtual University Fair, students in grade 9-11 took the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), while grade 12 students engaged in university application focused workshops. The PAST provides students with the opportunity to practice for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is an externally assessed standardized test that is used for university admissions across the globe. The PSAT results are typically reviewed with students and families in January following winter break. Please note the results are not shared as part of the university application materials as it is meant to provide feedback on areas of strength and areas for future improvement. 

Grade 12 students spent their afternoon engaging in a series of three workshops designed to support the completion of their university applications. Students chose from country specific sessions, which were facilitated by members of the counseling team, meeting individually with an English teacher for essay support or honing their interview skills in preparation for programs that require an interview. The afternoon was focused and productive and came at a particularly helpful time as many of our seniors were finalizing materials to meet the early application deadline.

Following the PSAT (Grade 9-11) and application workshops (Grade 12), all students engaged in their second From Global to Local program meeting. From November 23rd – 25th, all high school students will be participating in one of seven unique programs focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This program is being run in place of our typical Adventure Week due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the lead up to the program, students will participate in five meetings where they will learn more about the UN SDGs, how the issue is seen here in Hong Kong, what local organisations are doing to combat the issue, and how they as students can make a difference. Their second meeting specifically focused on a deep dive into the UN SDG and the global issue their program is built around. 

College Prep Day is a hands-on day dedicated to preparing students for success at AIS and beyond. These activities are designed to further develop AIS’s Core Value of Knowledge, and the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results including Global Citizenship, Effective Communication and Well-Rounded Individuals.