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11.19 Family & Student Update

Dear Parents, Students and Families,

What a truly wonderful week this has been! Elementary and Middle School faculty developed an outstanding Literacy Week on behalf of our students. Our guest authors Ben Clanton, Kelly Yang, and Peter H. Reynolds were beyond outstanding, and we’re especially grateful to Peter for showcasing our AIS Core Values in his presentation on Wednesday morning! These guest authors are just one way that the AIS PTA makes a tangible difference in the lives of our students, and we thank them once again for sponsoring these special author visits.

Wherever I go,
Wherever I look,
I see AIS students,
Their heads in a book.
In line at the gate,
While eating their lunch,
I see 1, 2, and 3,
No, I see a whole bunch!
They read in the morning,
And all through the day,
I ask them, “How is it?”
“Amazing!” they say.
The stories and characters
Open their minds
To the range of potential,
That’s inside, I find.
Each time we say yes
To taking a look,
We find wonder and magic
Inside every book.

— A. Simpson, Head of School


Thank you to all AIS parents who joined us on Wednesday, 17 November at the PTA meeting. We reviewed our plans for the Winter Fair and more. It is clear that we are all very excited about the upcoming event and our parents have been rallying to provide wonderful prizes for our Grand Prize Raffle draw. It is truly heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and energy of our tight-knit community.

Winter Fair

On behalf of the AIS PTA and AIS Leadership Team, our sincere thank you to all parents and families who have contributed such incredible prizes to our Grand Prize Raffle. See below for just a few of our great prizes! This week we would like to acknowledge and thank the families of:

Donor Grade Prize
SO Brendan Kai Rong 4 iPad Air
LEUNG Wai Ho 6 Taste Voucher
KI Marcus 7 Apple Gift Cards
LUI Yeuk Lam EC2 Book Voucher
CHEN Kathy 7 Marks & Spencer Voucher
CHEN Kyle 5 iPad Pro
Anonymous 5 ParknShop Voucher ($15,000.00)
NASEEM Aiza 3 Marks & Spencer Voucher
Bookazine Voucher
LU Eason 1 Jason/Wellcome Voucher
GONG Angelia 4 H&M Gift Card
TANG Chi Tuen Hayden 5 Starbucks Coupon
SHARMA Vardaan 7 Electric Guitar
XU Sophia 5 Starbucks Gift Card

Just a few of our exciting Grand Prizes!!

And, last but certainly not least… CONGRATULATIONS to the following students whose artwork has been chosen to promote the Winter Fair!!

Leighton CHU Grade 4 Original Watercolor Artwork
Anna LEUNG Grade 8 Original Watercolor on Canvas Artwork
Maryse CHAN Grade 9 Original Multi-media Artwork
Elbe LAM Grade 2 Original Color Pencil Artwork
Flora ZHANG Grade 4 Original Watercolor Artwork
Yunwoo JUNG Grade 4 Original Crayon Artwork
Shriyanjana DUTTA Grade 7 Reproduction Watercolor Artwork
Sneha BORAR Grade 11 Original Multi-media Artwork
Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are going home on Monday, 22 November! Every student will receive 5 booklets that look just like the ones below. Each booklet contains 10 tickets for a total of HK$100.00 per booklet or HK$500.00 for all five booklets.

Please do not lose or misplace these tickets, as they are considered cash. The tickets will arrive in a white envelope with clear instructions printed on the envelope. We ask that you return the tickets and funds inside by Friday, 3 December at the latest. You can also order additional tickets using the envelope you receive. Be sure to complete and return yours as soon as possible to be eligible for the many amazing prizes we have on offer this year, just in time for the holiday season! Please note that all tickets must be returned, regardless of whether or not they are purchased.

Report Cards

Report Cards have now gone out, and all families have until 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 23 November to notify their Divisional Principals about potential issues or errors. Please contact your Divisional Principal with any questions or concerns you may have as early as possible to ensure that you do not miss the deadline for changes.

26 November Professional Learning Day

Friday, 26 November is a professional learning day for all AIS faculty, so students will not come to school that day.

Apple Plan

Be sure to take a look at our Apple Plan that was sent home to all families and students yesterday. In case you missed it, it’s linked above for your convenience. We’re excited about the opportunities we know this plan will provide our students with and can’t wait to take our next steps in the fall of 2022.


Thursday, 25 November is American Thanksgiving. On behalf of the Leadership Team at American International School, I extend a warm best wishes to you and your family. I hope you are blessed with a full table and a full heart as we all enjoy everything this special time of year has to offer.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School