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06.11 Family & Student Update

Dear Parents, Students and Families,

What an incredible journey we’ve been on this year. Seven schedules later, we have now completed our last instructional Friday of the 2020-2021 school year. Since our return to full time school for all students, we’ve had SO many rich learning experiences, including Middle School Intensives, OELP, visits from OWN Academy and much, much more! As always, we thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us and for continuing to place your trust in AIS.

Just Joy!

Today I was visited by a group of Middle School students who were distributing face masks as part of their Intensives Project. Their message was uplifting and truly affirming – everyone they saw was told they were beautiful and encouraged to be themselves. If that wasn’t enough, this thoughtful team was positive and truly kind during their presentation. One of the students even gave credit to another member of the team for her strong writing skills and the amount of work she had done on behalf of the group. This behavior speaks volumes about the importance of the work we are doing to develop well-rounded individuals and good character. Without question, it also illustrates how our students model our Core Value of Love. If these students’ actions are indicative of the work our faculty and families are doing together, the future is in good hands.

This morning I couldn’t help but notice how much our students have grown in the last little while! These two Middle School students were kind enough to let me show you how much they have both shot up this year, as the length of their pants clearly illustrates. And they’re not the only students to have gained several inches this year! Everywhere I look, I see students who are now much bigger and much more mature. Some are even taller than many of us!

Financial Credit

The time of year has now come where we are able to comprehensively assess our financial commitments related to our Outdoor Education Leadership Program (OELP) and Field Trip fees. Since our OELP programs and field trips were modified to reflect a reduced program, I am delighted to share that families will be receiving a credit, as a result of the cost savings realized. Families will receive a message from the AIS Office that outlines the amounts that are being deposited to student smart card accounts; specifically,

  • EC and ES students will receive Field Trip fee credits;
  • ES Grade 3 & 4 students will also receive OELP fee credits;
  • MS students will receive OELP and Field Study fee credits;
  • HS students will receive OELP credits.
  • Refunds will also be processed for families who purchased lunch.

Students and families may use the smart card deposits toward the new 2021-2022 school year’s registration,  tuition payments, or toward any other school purchases they choose, including lunches; however, should families prefer to withdraw the funds, they are asked to kindly complete the withdrawal form that will be included in the communication. When the completed form is received, the school office will make arrangements according to the instructions.

School Year Calendar

Our 2021-2022 Family School Year Calendar is now on the school website and can also be found here!

PTA Elections

Thank you to everyone for casting your ballot for the 2021-2022 PTA Executive Committee. The votes are in and I’m delighted to formally announce our executive for next year. Please join me in congratulating them when you see them next. We have a wonderful team of parents assembled, and they are keen to serve our special learning community!

AIS PTA Executive Committee 2021-2022


Lydia KIM


Grace CHEN

Co-Sourcing Executive
Fiona CHU

Co-Sourcing Executive
Gloria CHAU

Billy QIAN

Member at Large
Wendy ZHU

Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Summer Showcase!

You don’t want to miss the arts showcases our students have prepared this year. Creativity is at the top level of Bloom’s Taxonomy and is one of the most important skills needed for personal and professional success. Learning to create and to develop one’s ability to think creatively is foundational to instruction at AIS, and we value the work our faculty and students do as they grow their creative muscles. Be sure to check out these links to see what they’ve been up to. Prepare to be inspired!

Dragon Board Festival – Tuen Ng

Just a reminder that Monday, 14 June is a public holiday. On behalf of the Leadership Team, we sincerely hope that you and your family enjoy the day off!

My best,

Anita Simpson
Head of School