Uniform Order Forms

To assist families in purchasing uniform, please download the following uniform order form that includes color photos of the uniform items, sizes, and prices.

Summer Uniform Order Form

If you are purchasing an item of clothing, please insert the number of items you wish to purchase in the QUANTITY field on the form. It will then automatically calculate the grand total for your order.

The form should then be printed out and the full name of the student and their homeroom or student ID number filled out at the top of the page.

Parents are invited to submit this form together with a check for the appropriate amount to the school office. Please make all checks payable to American International School.


The sizes of the summer uniform items are the same as those used for the winter uniform. Parents deciding which size to choose can refer to the uniform sizes their child is currently wearing and choose the same size or bigger, if necessary.

Uniform sizes can be fitted between 3.00pm - 4.00pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the school office. Please approach any of our  office staff and we will be happy to help.

Exchange Policy

If a uniform item is purchased and the size is incorrect, the school office will exchange it for the correct size. The school office will inform families of any difference in price.