Typhoon & Rainstorm Procedures

Student safety is an AIS priority. When Hong Kong experiences severe weather conditions, the school adheres to official public announcements from the Hong Kong Observatory. These are broadcast by 6:15 a.m. on both radio and television. The Education Bureau procedures for rainstorms and typhoons are reprinted below:


When the AMBER Signal is in force:
Parents, students, school authorities and school-bus drivers should listen to radio or television announcements on weather, road and traffic conditions. Candidates for public examinations should attend the examinations as normal, but should listen to radio or watch television in case the weather deteriorates suddenly. 

When the RED or BLACK signal is in force: 

Before schools start:
Classes will be suspended. Students should stay home. School premises will be appropriately open and staffed to look after those students arriving or leaving, to ensure their safety. Internal tests or examinations and outdoor activities will be postponed or cancelled. 

When some students have already set out for school:
Students should normally proceed to the school unless road or traffic conditions ahead are unsafe. School-bus drivers should listen to radio broadcasts on the development of the rainstorm and ensure that students will be taken to a safe place, normally the school, unless road or traffic conditions ahead warrant otherwise. There will be no normal classes. Students arriving at school should remain there until it is safe for them to return home. 

When schools are in session:
Students should remain in school until the end of school hours and conditions are safe for them to return home. 


When the “#1” Signal is in force, school is open as usual 

When the “#3” Signal is in force, Early Childhood and Grade 1Jr students are not in session

When the “#8, #9, or #10” Signal is in force

School is closed for all students and school buses do not operate. If school is already in session when the signal is hoisted, parents may pick their children up at school to take them home. Students may also stay in school until it is safe for them to return home. School buses may not be in operation. 

To avoid unnecessary congestion of telephone lines, families should not telephone AIS to request a decision. Official announcements will be made on radio and TV. Families are reminded to listen to these announcements carefully. Using the information provided, parents and guardians families are expected to take every precaution to ensure their children remain safe. In circumstances other than declared rainstorms or typhoons, student tardiness or absence due to inclement weather conditions requires a parental letter of explanation.