House Program

The school’s house program provides opportunities across the year for students and teachers to join together in a variety of fun activities that encourage a strong sense of school sprit. The various academic, athletic and service-oriented activities encourage individual responsibility, a sense of pride and a deep appreciation for teamwork.  AIS has three houses: Phoenix (red), Tiger (white), and Dragon (blue). The houses represent the three colors of the American flag and, with each symbolic creature, our Asian regional identity. 

At the beginning of the school year, students elect House Captains in Elementary School and High School. House points are awarded to encourage students to work for the benefit of others and to promote individual excellence and collective responsibility and identity.  In addition to routine activities, special competitions are organized throughout the year and House points are given to each entrant and to the winners.  At the end of the year, House points are totaled and a trophy is presented to the House with the most accumulated points.