Free Dress Days

With a deep and long-standing commitment to helping others, various communities within AIS organize Non-Uniform or Free Dress Fundraising Days every year to assist in humanitarian relief efforts and to support various charitable organizations. Our major Free Dress Days include the following:

September: The Community Chest Dress Special Day
AIS is a proud major school donor of the Community Chest in Hong Kong. In the past, our funds have supported the ‘Children and Youth Services’ scheme under the Chest umbrella.

October: Supporting High School OELP Projects
Many of our trips within the High School Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELP) provide wonderful opportunities for our students to work closely with rural and underprivileged communities through the help from non-governmental organizations working in countries such as South Africa, India, Indonesia and mainland China. Our aided projects have included working with orphanages and wild life, volunteering in impoverished schools, building pathways and roads for the local communities.

December: Operation Santa Claus and Dress Red & Green Day
AIS is one of the major school donors of the Operation Santa Claus campaign hosted by the South China Morning Post and the RTHK every year. To support this campaign, our students and teachers wear clothes in these seasonal colors and bring their donations to the school.

April: Supporting International Earth Day
To celebrate the international Earth Day, AIS organize a free-dress fundraiser every year when our students dress in green and earth color clothes. Earth Day is an internationally recognized event that focuses attention on environmental and ecological issues facing our planet. Sharing a sense of collective responsibility for our planet is a vital learning goal for all our students and supporting Earth Day is a positive and relevant step all our students and teachers take part together.

May: Supporting World-Vision Projects 
In supporting World Vision and its work in assisting impoverished children living in developing countries, AIS host a special free dress day in every May. Our annual contribution supports three individual children under World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program. This project is also an opportunity to support our own efforts in developing global citizenship within our school.

June: Supporting Red Cross & AIS Blood Drive
Our High School students organize this final free dress fundraiser of the year for the Hong Kong Red Cross, as well as organizing a blood donation drive across all the upper High School and the wider community.

Throughout the Year: Global Disasters Reliefs
After global catastrophic natural disasters have occurred, AIS work with non-governmental organizations in close coordination with the local governments of the disaster-affected prefecture to and to ensure our collected funds are distributed directly to those ones in most need.