High School Extracurricular Program

In High School, students are heavily involved with ISSF competition. Click here to view the athletics teams available at the school. There is also a wide and diverse selection of student clubs organized every year (see below). These clubs are popular with students, offering them the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests or just to try something new.

High School ECA

Anime Club

Anime club aims to study Japanese comics and to raise awareness of Japanese culture and art forms. Being a cultural appreciation club, members are expected to learn and draw Japanese style of comics and to appreciate Japanese animations. The club also offers chances for students to enter different competitions in order to demonstrate and display their creative skills.

Art Marketing Club

Students in Art Marketing Club have the opportunity to produce posters and artwork for other clubs, events and teachers. Students and teachers become 'clients' and request work from our artists who create the required designs. Students develop their skills as fine and graphic artists to generate informative, eye-catching artwork.

Athletic Council

The Athletic Council is an elected body of 30 students from grades 9-12. The mission of the Athletic Council is to promote school spirit and pride through numerous competitive and fun activities during the school year. The AC meets regularly to design, develop and promote the Inter-House challenge events, including dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton as well as Sports Day. These events provide opportunities for all students to enjoy friendly competition regardless of their individual ability. Most activities take place during the lunch break, while the major event, Sports Day is an all day event. During these challenges, grade level teams will compete for House points as they strive to win the Inter-House Challenge Cup.

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club provides opportunities for students to participate in the community through volunteering events which are organized by students. Visiting the elderly, fundraising, and tutoring children are some examples of the volunteering events in which students can participate in order to become well-rounded individuals and global citizens. The Community Service Club meets every Friday after school. Upcoming events will be announced through the High School Announcements.

Competitive Sport Teams

Junior and Varsity sport teams are organized for boys and girls in each season:

Season 1 (August – November): Cross Country, Volleyball

Season 2 (November – February): Basketball

Season 3 (February – May): Soccer, Track & Field, Badminton

Please refer to the Athletics Sports Teams pages for details.

Concert Band

Concert Band is for students who enjoy playing in band, but are unable to fit an ensemble into their school schedule.  Students in this group must already have musical experience.  These students will perform with the Senior Band at all of their performances throughout the year.  

Creative Writing & Writers Awards Club

This club is designed to guide students to develop their craft in writing prose, poetry, and literary nonfiction. Through the use of writing exercises and creative writing workshops, students will build and hone their writing skills.

The focus in the first trimester will be on generating and producing creative student work. The focus in the second trimester will be to agree upon the submission criteria for the online literary journal. Submissions will be open to the entire school. Students in the club will develop criteria by which we will judge and determine if the submissions will be accepted. In the third trimester we will focus on layout, development, and publication of the online literary journal and the school Yearbook. The goal will be to work towards a polished final product that represents the best student work and is a representational product for AIS.

This club will foster creativity, collaborative learning, and leadership skills.

Debate Club
Engineering Club

The Engineering Club is a place where high school students can come together and enjoy the physical application of science.  Engineering is all about problem solving. Members in this club choose 1 of 3 projects : making a submarine , RC plane , or RC quad-copter. All of these are big, school-year-long projects that will demand the commitment of students. Students working on the submarine will participate in an international robotics competition in April.  The Engineering Club provides students with an opportunity to play with the concepts of science that they've learnt in class, and develop collaborative, creative and practical problem solving skills.

Fitness Club
A group of 15-20 (and growing) dedicated students setting physical and mental goals and working hard towards achieving them. The group meets every Wednesday and walks to Kowloon Tsai Park to complete physical fitness training and cardio activities. A usual training may be something along the lines of: 200 pushups, 200 crunches, 200 step-ups, 200 pull-ups, 100 box jumps and 2-3km running.
The Fitness Club is an ideal way for students to stay fit and active throughout the year. It is for students of all levels of fitness, from those who are aiming to get ready for the Track and Field team in Trimester 3 to those who show no particular competitive sports interest but are determined to do more physical activity during their week. 
Film Making Club

Film Making Club carries out the fundamentals of film making, from behind-the-scene practical effects to the techniques of cinematography. The club provided students with an interest in film production with direction and support, while also giving them the opportunity to engage in teamwork as we create our own films.

Global Issues Network

We are happy to announce that after being involved in Global Issues Network Conferences since 2008, AIS will be hosting the GIN852 conference this year! A group of 12 dedicated students from the HS GIN clubs will be involved in planning this student-led conference over the next 3 months.

The conference will be held on March 24th and 25th during which students from international schools, NGOs, and guest speakers from Hong Kong will come together for a weekend of inspired learning on how youth can make a difference and help work towards solving the 20 global issues outlined in Jean Francois Rischard’s 2002 book High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Year to Solve Them.

Graduation Committee
Hackers’ Club (Computer Science)

The Hackers’ Club is a club that focuses on solving problems using computer science. The Hackers' Club is a place of respect and responsibility. Here we hone our craft of problem solving. Hackers use the tools available to them to make solutions happen. We meet every Tuesday, 4:15 - 6pm, dedicating our time to learning, coding, creating and redesigning the world around us.

Human Rights Club

Human Rights Club: As a Global Issues Network (GIN) club, the Human Rights Club is dedicated to raising community awareness of global human rights issues through education, service, and fundraising campaigns.  Members of the Human Rights Club work throughout the school year to plan and present informational talks on issues such as poverty, water deficits, hunger, and education for all.  The club also sponsors school-wide fundraising campaigns and inter-house competitions to raise money for organizations that provide global disaster relief and fight human trafficking, and to sponsor individual children in developing countries so they can attend school.  HRC routinely pairs with international aid foundations, such as WorldVision and the Esther Benjamins Trust, which are established to help meet the needs of people in underdeveloped parts of the world. Caring and compassionate, HRC members are enthusiastic about raising awareness of global inequalities and working together to find sustainable, actionable methods of reducing human suffering around the world.  

The HRC runs all three trimesters, and students are welcome to join at any time.  Meetings are held in room 111 on Thursdays from 3:10-4:00pm.

Math SAT2 and Calculus BC Preparation Club

This club helps students to prepare for Math SAT2 and Calculus BC exams.

Middle School Peer Tutoring Club
Mind Over Matter (Mental Quiz Competition) Club

Mind Over Matter is an Interschool Quiz Competition run by the Indian Chamber of Commerce. This year, the competition was held in GSIS, and there were 33 teams from 18 schools, including HKIS, CDNIS, GSIS, CIS, ESF schools, Mary Knoll College, as well as Shekou International School from Shenzhen, among many others. AIS fielded four teams, with one team managing to enter into the finals. Next year, we hope to improve our standings. 

We invite all brainy brawlers and unrepentant nerds to join us again in trimester one! 

Model United Nations

MUN stands for Model United Nations. In this club, students will learn more about the work of the United Nations, learning about international crises, and discussing world issues (such as human rights, terrorism and sustainable development). Students will research and prepare to take part in international MUN conferences. At these conferences, students model the work of a delegate from one particular country in a simulated UN session with the aim of reaching agreements with other nations to devise international solutions to world problems. In recent years, AIS students have taken part in MUN conferences in Qatar, Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong, often winning many awards. MUN is for motivated students who are eager to explore diplomacy as a means to solving global problems.

Peer Tutoring Club

The Peer Tutoring Club is an opportunity for academically high-achieving students to help other students who may be struggling with coursework to find success and improve their classroom performance.  Peer Tutors are expected to work for at least one hour each week, and must have (or have had) an A/B average in any course they wish to tutor for.  Tutors can earn community service hours for the time they spend tutoring.  Tutoring will begin after Adventure Week and continue through the remainder of the school year; students interested in becoming tutors, or in need of tutoring, may join at any time.

Tutors and students in need of tutoring, or who are looking for time and space to study or meet in preparation for exams, projects, and presentations.

Prom Committee

The primary purpose of Prom Committee is the organization and fund-raising for Senior Prom, which is usually held in one of the major hotels in Hong Kong. Prom Committee members take on the responsibility of finding a suitable venue and organizing the evening. In order to raise money for this important event, students engage in a variety of fundraising activities, including catering for school events, running a snack shop, and selling various festive items, such as roses for Valentine’s Day and Santa Stockings at Christmas. The main fundraiser for the year is the Talent Show.

Recycling Club

The Recycling Club is the major environmental group at AIS. We do regular, weekly campus-wide recycling pick-ups and disposal, for a range of recycled materials: plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper. We need people who have good ideas, who are creative and dedicated, and who are looking for opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Come join us if you are passionate about the environment and are committed to making a positive difference!

Red Brick Studios

This club will introduce different genres of music in the school. This club will allow students to develop their musicality in other forms other than what is taught in classes, giving them the opportunity to develop their musicality and overall musical skills in a diverse field of music. Red Brick Studios will allow for the development of songwriting and composition skills. Performances are scheduled as often as possible.

Student Council

The High School Student Council is an elected body which meets every Day A during lunch. Student representatives, who serve on the council, are chosen each year by their homeroom classes. Each representative is elected for their leadership potential as well as their character and teamwork abilities. These characteristics are supported and enhanced throughout the year, as the council members seek opportunities to voice student concerns within the school, as well as within the broader community.

Studio Band

Studio Band is a new group that allows students the ability to play a diverse range of music on their given instruments. Songs are selected, with guidance, by the students. Students are given the opportunity to perform at Winter Fair, the Music Festival, assemblies, as well as the end of the year.

The Jordan Leadership Club
The Jordan Leadership Club is a service learning program for any high school student seeking to gain Leadership skills and experience with young children. It is a fun and rewarding opportunity for personal growth in both tutor and child. We provide Leadership training and create activities to support learning and encourage positive interactions. Our AIS Leaders are role models for the younger children demonstrating the highest standards of our ESLRs. The JLC was designed to ensure we uphold the school motto of Justice, Knowledge and Love. The long term benefits to our AIS students is the holistic development of their Character such as Honesty, Resilience and Integrity.   
High school students will be tutoring/mentoring Elementary School-aged children from the Nepalese community located in the Jordan area of Hong Kong. AIS students provide support for subjects such as Chinese, Mathematics, English, and Science. We conduct the tutoring at the Inner City Ministries Office on the 9th Floor, Keybond Commercial Building, 38 Ferry Street.  Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR.
Each student leader will be allocated to at least one Nepalese student. Each student leader is required to record their interactions and their outcomes, and produce reflections after each session. We will use this information for feedback and improvement of their student leadership, which - as a consequence - will improve the quality of interactions and outcomes for the Nepalese students.

The Yearbook Team strives to highlight golden moments throughout the year. The Writing Team is responsible for interviewing clubs and introducing events happening in the school through textual introduction. The Layout Team designs the template for all of the pages used in the yearbook, giving a scaffold that complements the photos and text. The Photography Team takes photos that capture the essence of each activity. All three Teams will learn the importance of setting schedules and working with partners in different departments.